The Big Bitcoin Breakdown

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  • Best-performing asset of past decade

    Over the past 10 years, Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed all other asset classes by a factor of at least 10 (1,000%).

  • Open and autonomous

    Nobody owns the BTC network, everybody can use it.

  • Be your own bank

    Full control of your money - whenever and wherever you want!

  • Decentralised Payment System

    No need for intermediaries (i.e. fee-charging mega-monster bank).

  • Secured by cryptography

    Vault tight security protocols that can’t be tampered with.

  • Works 24/7

    The Bitcoin network never stops.

Get some Bitcoins!

1. Choosing & downloading your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet

Exodus Wallet

Official Exodus site

Make sure you are visiting the official site on

Exodus desktop version

Click the download button for Exodus 20.5.10 (the latest version of the software). A drop-down menu will appear. Select your operating system and continue.

Download to your desktop

Download to your desktop. The software should be sitting in your downloads folder. Click on it and it will prompt you to send it to your applications folder. Go into your application folder and click one last time to run the Exodus program.

Start using Exodus wallet

You should now be on the Exodus wallet homepage, which looks like this. If you’re not ecstatic about Exodus, then check out.

2. Purchasing your Bitcoin (BTC) via crypto exchanges
3. Spending and making the most of your Bitcoin (BTC)