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You've viewed 30 of 200 games - Live Dealer offers a thrilling online casino experience altogether. It’s one of the modern ways of playing casino games in the comfort of your own home. With, people are able to play with real dealers just like in a physical casino.

The major difference is players can sit back and enjoy it online. You can also try out the demo games to understand the rules better before you start playing with real money.

Live Casinos vs Online Casinos 

Most people generally assume live casinos and other online casinos are the same. There are however differences between the two of them. The dice rolls in an online casino would be determined by a random number generator. The people that the players interact with might end up being virtual and sometimes fake as well. Although limited, online casinos are here to stay and offer a wide range of exclusive games.

In the case of live casinos, there are actual dealers sitting to help people play. When it comes to having an authentic approach to these games, live casinos attract players. At we give players the feeling of being in an actual casino without really visiting one. This saves their time and enables them to play their favourite casino games whenever they want to. Here are some of the amazing live games we offer.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular card game widely played around the world. It’s played with a 52-card deck. It's a live dealer casino game that millions of people play online. The fact that blackjack is so simple to play is one of the key reasons for its appeal. You can visit to enjoy it and stand a chance to win big.

How to Play Blackjack?

The dealer deals two cards to each player and reveals one of his own. Players can choose to reveal more dealer cards by selecting "hit" or "stay". If the player's card value is higher than that of the dealer, the player wins; if the player's total surpasses 21 or is lower than the dealer, the player would lose.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a casino game played with a live dealer. High payouts are offered for small bets which interest players. American Roulette is played on a wheel with 36 number slots along with a 0 and double 0.

You can bet on a single number, several groups of numbers, red or black, odd or even numbers, or high (19–36) or low (1–18) numbers.

How to Play Roulette?

You spin the wheel in a specific direction to determine the winning colour or number. The ball spins in the opposite direction around a circular track along the circumference of the wheel. The ball eventually loses its equilibrium and lands in any slot, determining the winning number/colour.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular live dealer casino games. It’s a fun game to play and convenient, especially for those just starting with live games. There aren't too many rules and learning the game doesn't take a lot of time. Players can unwind and enjoy this simple card game. You can sign up at to indulge in an exciting baccarat experience.

How to Play Baccarat?

Players must first place a wager on which hand they believe will win. The hand that gets closest to nine points at the end of a round wins the round. In baccarat, an ace is worth one point. The value of cards two through nine is equivalent to the face value of the card. All face cards and the number 10 card is equivalent to zero.

Live Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian card game. The main difference online is that players bet on either side rather than playing against other players. You can now play Teen Patti for real cash on with a live dealer and an unlimited number of players who place bets simultaneously.

How to Play Teen Patti?

Before the card is revealed, players must first place a bet on A or B. After each card is revealed, players can then bet the amount that they want. Cards are ranked in the standard order from ace (high) to two (low) in a 52-card deck. When three cards are finally revealed, the player with the highest hand wins the round.

Finding amazing casino games can be difficult, whether you're looking for slots with the highest jackpots or want to relax and play some fast-paced card games. has put together a list of the most popular casino games for you. You can play casino games with a live dealer and enjoy a terrific gaming experience. We at provide over 150 live dealer games as well as thousands of other casino games. We also offer exclusive promotions and offers.

Live Dealer

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