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Baccarat online: Make every bet count by defeating the odds

Baccarat online: Make every bet count by defeating the odds

Baccarat online: Make every bet count by defeating the odds

Fri May 13 2022 04:40:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Beyond the doors of land-based and online casinos, table games remain supreme because of their timeless classic quality. One of these is baccarat, a game where you place bets on either the banker, player or tie and create a hand value close to nine.

This game started 500 years ago when aristocrats in Italy decided to have a social game for some fun. Felix Falguiere or Falguierein called the game ‘baccara’, which translates to zero in the Italian language. This is because of the zero value of all faces and ten cards in the game. As its popularity soars, the French people have decided to officially coin the table game to ‘baccarat’. From them, Indians and other nationalities of the world have adopted the game.

Now that baccarat online is a popular game worldwide, its gameplay is similar in all countries. If you want to learn how to play baccarat online, continue reading the rest of the article below.

How to play baccarat online

It is easy to learn how to play baccarat online because of the straightforward gameplay and interface. But to help you further understand it better, here is a simplified guideline you can follow:

Step-by-step instructions

  • In baccarat online, a simple round happens quickly due to the fast round of events.
  • To begin, you need to place a bet on either the banker’s hand, the player’s hand or the tie bet.
  • Afterwards, the betting round will end and the dealer will begin to lay out the cards. 
  • When all cards are drawn, the winning hand should be the one higher or closer to nine.
  • The current round ends and proceeds to ask the player to place some bets for the next round.

Rules of baccarat online

  1. Add the values of your cards to determine the hand value
  2. Tens and face cards are equivalent to zero
  3. Numbered cards, ace to 9, retain face value
  4. The goal is to correctly predict which hand will have a higher value than the other
  5. When both hands have the same value, the game results in a tie
  6. The player’s hand should stand when the first two cards add up to 6 or more. This means no third or additional card is given.
  7. If the player’s hand value is 5 or less, it will receive a third card.
  8. If the banker’s hand value is 7 or more, it should stand.
  9. If the banker’s hand value is 0, 1 or 2, it will receive a third card.
  10. If the banker's hand results in 3, 4, 5, or 6, the third card of the player's hand will determine if the banker will draw another card.

Types of baccarat bets and their payouts

Baccarat online provides you with three different bets, and they are as follows:

Banker bet

Placing a banker bet means you are predicting that the banker’s hand will have a hand value higher or closer to 9 than the player’s. Moreover, it has a payout of 1:1 or 0.95:1 when you apply the 5% commission. 

Player bet

Like the banker bet, this one is no different except you are assuming that the player's hand will have a higher value than the banker’s hand. Additionally, it also has a 1:1 payout.

Tie bet

A tie bet is for the possibility of when both banker and player hands have the same value. This has a high payout of 8:1, which pays a lot when it wins.

A lot of casino gamblers favour baccarat because of its low house edge. These players decided to use this to their advantage, and it helped them win most of the time they play. 

Baccarat house edge

Learning the house edge is key in increasing your odds of winning, but what makes it so important? In casinos, the house edge is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage of the gambling house over its players. This is not a set value, but rather it is an average percentage of the player’s bet, which casinos keep as profit. In other words, the house edge tells you how much the casino will win on average. 

With that being said, it is common knowledge for all casino enthusiasts that games with a high house edge are something to avoid. This is because the numbers show that the game will pay out less on average. That is why most gamblers prefer placing their bets on games with a low house edge such as online baccarat casinos.

In baccarat, the house edge depends on the type of bet you place. Below is a list of all baccarat bets and their house edge.

  • Banker bet - 1.06% House Edge
  • Player bet - 1.24% House Edge
  • Tie Bet - 14.36% House Edge.

Seeing these numbers tells you why baccarat is a crowd favourite due to its lowest house edge of 1.06%, which happens when you wager on the banker bet. However, the player and tie bet differ from the banker bet. As you read the next section, you will find out the reason for this and you will also know more about the baccarat winning odds.

How to beat the odds in baccarat online 

Baccarat winning odds are often tricky for beginners, but this section will break things down for you to understand them completely. Continue reading to learn how you can beat the baccarat odds.

  1. Figuring out the baccarat odds

Odds is a gambling term that measures the likelihood of a certain outcome, and at the same time, doesn’t guarantee a win. One way to figure out odds in baccarat online is to learn its winning and losing odds. Here is a list below for your references:

  • Banker’s hand - There’s a 49.32% chance of winning and 50.68% chance of losing (not counting ties)
  • Player’s hand - This has a 51% chance of winning and a 49.32% chance of losing (not counting ties)
  • Tie bet - This has a 9.52% chance of winning.

You can use this information to your advantage and create some baccarat winning strategies to increase your winning chances.

  1. Don’t always choose the tie bet

In baccarat online, the tie bet has the highest payout with a ratio of 8:1. This means that your wager will be multiplied by 8 on the instance a tie occurs. This sounds great and tempting to opt for, but you need to consider its house edge of 14.36%, which is the highest among the three bet types. 

By placing a tie bet, you believe that the player and banker hand values will be equal. This only occurs 9.52% of the time, which means that you should avoid placing your money on it every chance you get. In other words, its rare occurrence explains its high payout.

  1. Don’t always bet on the player’s hand

Aside from the side bet, you also need to keep an eye out for the player’s hand. While its payouts of 1:1 is the same as the banker's, their odds of winning are different. All baccarat variations show that the player bet gives you a 44.62% chance of winning, which is considered high. However, you also need to know that this bet also has a 45.87% chance of losing, which is higher than the 44.65% loss rate of the banker wager.

  1. Bet on the banker’s hand

The banker bet is a favourable decision because it has a house edge of 1.06% and a 45.86% chance of winning, even in baccarat online. This is because the banker's hand is always completed last. It can draw a third card depending on the value of the player’s hand. 

With this kind of advantage, casinos would take a banker commission of 5% from your bet. This is so that you would not have all of the advantages since your payout will be less than what you expect. Despite this, it is still a logical decision for you to take the banker bet due to its high winning odds.

  1. Be cautious when using side bets in baccarat

Whether you play baccarat online or at land-based casinos, always remember to be cautious of the side bets in the game. These are added to the game because they spice things up. They also make you assume that you can get additional cash on the instance they win.

Some of these bets such as the perfect pair and banker/player pair have a payout of 25:1 and 11:1, respectively. With these ratios, you might get tempted to place your money on them, but their house edges of 10.36% to 13.03% match the tie bet.

Aside from that, the average winning rate of side bets ranges from 3.34% to 37.8%, which is lower than the three main bets. That is why you should be wary when placing them because they can create a dent in your bankroll.

  1. Stick to what the baccarat odds tell you

At the end of the day, you need to stick with the baccarat odds, which includes memorising every average winning percentage. Doing so lets you remember that the banker bet remains the favourable and reasonable choice. With this kind of information, you are more likely to win than lose in baccarat online.

  1. Be a smart player, not an experimental type

Being a smart player is a baccarat game strategy, but this does not mean that you need to know everything. It just means that you need to make logical decisions while playing. To do so, you need to base your actions on facts provided by veteran gamblers, which include baccarat winning odds, house edge and other technical data. This information will give you the chance to use it to your advantage to constantly win in baccarat online.

From a beginner’s perspective, it is normal to become experimental since experience is the best teacher. However, experimenting with your actions can only go so far, and doing it consistently can cost you a lot more than expected. That is why you need to be smart by researching more information about baccarat. 

  1. Avoid having the ‘gambler’s fallacy’

Another gambling mistake is adapting the gambler’s fallacy as a form of mindset. This happens when you think that a random event will happen because of a series of occurrences during the game. Here is an example situation for you to understand:

  • A gambler is playing baccarat online, and he has been constantly losing because he has been placing bets on the player’s hand. He assumes that in the next round, he will win because he believes that a series of losses paves the way for the win. With that said, he bets again on the player’s hand but still loses.

To prevent yourself from doing the same thing, keep in mind that there are no patterns in casino games because everything is random and by luck.

  1. Managing your emotions

Another effective baccarat game strategy is controlling what you feel. Your emotions influence your behaviour a lot, and sometimes, they can get the best of you. Playing with negative emotions can cause you to act rashly and impulsively, which can get you on a losing streak. If you keep a calm mind and manage your emotions, you do strategic thinking and make logical decisions. 

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Baccarat online: Make every bet count by defeating the odds

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