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7 bingo strategies that'll help you win more!

7 bingo strategies that'll help you win more!

7 bingo strategies that'll help you win more!

Tue May 31 2022 08:34:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Games of chances never fail to provide players with excitement because of their unpredictability and the potential to win tons of prizes. One of the prime examples of this is bingo, widely played thanks to its simple rules and premise that anyone can instantly grasp. 

Today, thanks to the emergence of different online casinos and the continuous advancement of technology, players can now enjoy this thrilling and simple game from the comfort of their homes.

If you’re curious to learn more about this age-old game and want to learn different bingo strategies that can help you win more prizes, keep on reading!

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a simple game of chance where a host or caller draws numbers and players mark these on their purchased cards if they have them. The first player to mark 5 numbers in a row shouts 'bingo!' to notify the caller and the other players of their win. Because of its simple gameplay, anyone can easily play this classic game!

Bingo came from many different inspirations but the most famous of all is a lottery game widely played in Italy back in 1530. At that time, it already involved some of its key elements such as calling out numbers, buying cards and having tokens.

However, it didn’t evolve into the game that players know and love today until ‘Beano’ came into fruition. This game followed the standard rules introduced by the previous versions of the lottery game but this time, it used dried beans as markers and cardboard sheets.

How to play Bingo?

You may be asking yourself, how does bingo at a casino work? If you’re already familiar with how traditional bingo works, you luckily won’t have to go through a steep learning curve as its online version follows the same premise with a few minor tweaks.

For starters, it begins with you deciding on the coin value you want to wager for the rest of the game. Your options differ per title and they range from a minimum and maximum bet amount.

After choosing the coin value, you can choose the number of cards you want to play with. Usually, you’ll have four cards already activated on the screen and sometimes, you can choose to deactivate other cards and only play with a few. In some games, there’s an option that lets you adjust the number of activated cards. However, card settings still differ per game and not all offer this customisable option. 

Once you’ve finished deciding on the coin value and the number of cards, press the play button to begin the round. A specific number of balls, each containing a number will then be drawn.

And unlike traditional bingo where you have to manually mark the drawn numbers on your card, all winning numbers and patterns are automatically highlighted in online bingo. If any card completes a winning pattern, you win according to the paytable! Your next step then is to start a new game and request new cards by pressing the play button.

Strategies to win bingo

Even though bingo is technically 100% a game of chance, this didn’t stop players from applying strategic thinking that they believed would increase their chances of winning. If you want to know how to win bingo games, here are some of the different strategies that you can try for yourself:

Don’t use too many cards

One of the most common mistakes that beginner bingo players make is they use several cards at once. This is because they believe that the more cards they have, the more chances they’ll have of making winning combinations. This makes sense given that each card has a unique set of numbers.

However, the mistake occurs when players take more than they can handle. When this happens, they’ll have more ground to cover which can lead to them overlooking a number that the host calls out. 

Not only will this be a waste of money but it can also lead you to lose a potential win. Moreover, having too many cards to worry about takes the fun out of the game because your brain may get overwhelmed.

Stay alert

An online bingo strategy that’s simple yet effective is staying alert. At first, it may seem like a no brainer but once you get into the game, you may find yourself distracted by random thoughts. Being distracted should be avoided at all costs because one missed number can immediately cost you the game. What’s worse is that some players drink alcohol before playing bingo which can decrease their alertness further. 

Moreover, we also encourage you to not play when you’ve had a tiring day because you may lose track of what’s happening within the game. We would also recommend taking breaks between games to regain your senses and to rest your eyes and brain as looking at numbers all the time can get frustrating. Plus, taking breaks will also help maintain concentration throughout the night. 

If you need that extra boost of focus, consider getting some caffeine into your body by drinking coffee! This way, not only will you have increased focus but you’ll also have a delicious beverage to accompany you as you play several games of bingo.

Establish a budget

The reason why some players go bankrupt is that they don’t establish a budget beforehand which leads them to spend more money than they intend to. That’s why determining your bankroll early on is important. Moreover, the initial budget that you’ll have entering the game will also determine how many cards you’ll buy which is why it’s important to decide on it early on.

Additionally, once you’ve set your budget, you can decide on whether or not you want to spend it in one go or scatter them throughout the night so you can play more games. The choice is ultimately up to you but the decision of setting a budget should always be a priority before the game.

For some players, they want to last longer through the night instead of leaving early. This works for both players in the online casinos and in real life.

Start small

Speaking of scattering your budget, one tip that we recommend when playing bingo is to start small in terms of the number of cards you’re holding to help you get in the groove of playing. Right as you boot up your favourite bingo game, make sure to start with one or two cards. Consider this as a warmup to the much more nail-biting sequence you’ll encounter when you hold several cards.

Study the game

A useful tip that requires a bit more reading is studying the game before wagering any amount. This way, you can find out the different rules that the specific game may have that other titles don’t as well as the various prizes that you can win. By knowing these important pieces of information, you can play the game properly and expect what’s up for grabs. So if you have questions about the game like 'how many bingo cards are there?', find the answer before playing for a more exciting game

Try different strategies

Throughout the years, players who are trying to crack the code behind winning more games have developed several bingo strategies. These require you to go through a specific set of steps which in return can grant you wins.

Here are two of the most common bingo strategies that you can try:

Granville Strategy

One player who believed that he could identify a pattern in the numbers in bingo was an American stockbroker and financial writer named Joseph Granville. He was able to think of this by calculating the odds of various number sequences appearing on a card and being called out by the host. This is why he also stated that choosing a card is the most important part of playing bingo.

He believed that a card has a greater chance of winning if it contains a split between odd and even numbers as well as between the high and low ones. He also stated that the card should contain several numbers that have different last digits. To increase your chances of winning, he stated that your bingo card should have the following:

  • An equal amount of odd and even numbers
  • An equal amount of numbers that belong in the high and low categories
  • An equal amount of numbers where the digit ends anywhere between 1 and 9.

an equal amount of odd and even numbers, an equal amount of numbers that are high and low, and an equal amount of numbers that end in a number from 1 to 9.

Tippett Strategy

Moving over to a strategy that’s far simpler to remember is the Tippett Strategy. Invented by a statistician from London named Leonard Tippett, this strategy involves the median which is the middle number of the range. For example, if the type of bingo you’re playing uses the standard 75 balls, the median is 37.5 or 38 when rounded off.

The idea behind this theory is that the first few numbers that will be shouted by the caller are somewhere around the first and last digits of the median. Then, as the game continues, the numbers that will be called out will start being grouped around the median.

With this in mind, Tippett suggests getting a card that contains numbers between 1 and 75 if you’re participating in shorter games. On the other hand, he suggests getting a card that consists of several numbers close to the number 38.

Best bingos to try in

The great thing about these strategies is you can easily try them in both physical and online versions of bingo. Luckily for you, two of the best online casino game providers here at offer high-quality titles here on the site. And because this is an online casino bonuses and rewards are plenty!

Hot Bingo by Play’n GO

If you’re looking to relax over a game of bingo but want to spice up things a bit, then you should try Hot Bingo by Play’n GO! This title does indeed add heat to your usual bingo gameplay by adding extra features such as buying 9 additional balls and a bonus super line where you’ll get to win up to 50x your initial wager!

Hot Bingo lets you play with up to four cards which is reasonably easy to manage considering that it’s not timed and you’re not competing against other players. As you play the game, get a chance to win the progressive jackpot by hitting BINGO with 4 activated cards.


Park Bingo by Play’n GO

Spend an exhilarating day at the theme park and play one of the most rewarding games in Park Bingo! In this fun and exciting title, you can buy up to 4 bingo cards and increase your chances of winning, purchasing up to 10 additional balls.

Park Bingo features two different bonuses. These are:

  • Gift Ball: Once you win a gift ball, you’ll get to select a number to be drawn
  • Ferris Wheel bonus: In the Ferris Wheel bonus, you’ll get the chance to select 3 chairs and win mystery prizes.

A progressive jackpot is also up for grabs if you successfully achieve BINGO in 4 activated cards.


Sweet Alchemy Bingo

Sometimes, all you need is a few magic spells and you can become richer beyond your wildest dreams. In Sweet Alchemy Bingo, play the ever-so-familiar lottery game but this time, gain access to magical bonuses and features including the elixir of power bonus!

During the elixir of power bonus, you’ll get a chance to win the astounding jackpot prize of 6,625x your initial bet. Moreover, you can also increase your chances of winning by purchasing up to 13 extra magic balls so you’ll have more numbers to scratch on all your four bingo cards.


Bingo Billion Llama

Aside from Play’n GO, also features bingo games made by Caleta. One of these games, titled Bingo Billion Llama, will take you to a tropical island where prizes are more than plenty if you manage to achieve BINGO in one of the four cards.

The base game is already exciting and rewarding but Bingo Billion Llama also features a bonus mode that can grant you even more prizes! This mode consists of two stages, the first one where you choose from three surfboards with a random number of fails and the second one, where you click on random statues to win additional coins.


Start using these bingo strategies!

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about bingo, it’s time for you to try the game out for yourself and test these strategies out! From simple things such as studying the game itself down to staying alert and more, these strategies will go a long way and may even be the key to your fortune. 

Partner these strategies with your knowledge about the ins and outs of crypto gambling and you’ll start winning more in no time! Luckily, you won’t have to look far to play bingo as we already have some of the best bingo titles here at What are you waiting for? Start racking up your prizes today!

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7 bingo strategies that'll help you win more!

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