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Debunking casino myths: The truth about casino games!

Debunking casino myths: The truth about casino games!

Debunking casino myths: The truth about casino games!

Wed May 25 2022 01:09:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Whenever casinos are mentioned, people are always divided about their opinion on it. Some see it as a holy grail full of wins, thrills and prizes while others say that casinos are nothing but cheats who would rob you of your money. 

Both players and non-players alike have their own opinions that often paint casinos as devils who offer you the sweetest deal. These baseless rumours are what gave birth to the overly exaggerated casino myths.  

Both land-based and online casinos are misconstrued as money-making machines that enable addiction. If you are misinformed and unaware, you might believe this to be true as well. But if you look for the truth, you will find that casinos are far more different than what most players theorise them to be. 

At their core, these establishments are nothing but platforms that offer players thrilling and captivating gaming services that give you a chance to win real money rewards in exchange for a designated fee. You can even compare it to an arcade made specifically for adults in need of some excitement in their daily lives.

If you want to know more about online casino facts and the truth behind their games and operation, read the details below as we explore gambling facts and give you some solid casino facts you can rely on!

Fact or fiction: Casino myths you need to know

Casino games are rigged

Myth: This is one myth that is hard to shake off since you hear it everywhere. It’s a myth as old as the concept of casinos! Even people that don’t play or get anywhere near casinos believe this myth and that is what makes the truth all the more baffling since we can tell you that this one is a complete misconception. Let’s explore this myth better, shall we? 

A lot of people believe that since casinos operate the games and run a business, the games are rigged to give them an advantage and cheat off players. They think a casino does this by either manipulating a game’s system or controlling the results through clever tricks. 

If you are not familiar with facts about casino games and the casino process, you might believe these. However, these are nothing but baseless rumours and here’s why: 

Truth: The truth is that the government heavily regulates casinos to make sure that the players are given fair results for their wager.

Plus, some authorities ensure every casino game is fair and tamperproof. Once the casino has proven that they are legitimate and fair, central authorities like Curacao Gaming Control Board would grant these casinos their licenses. 

Additionally, casino game developers even use the Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure the randomness of every result. To determine the outcome, the RNG generates random numbers within a pool of unlimited numbers. With this, the results of your game (especially slot games) remain unpredictable and your winning chances are entirely up to luck and your skills alone! 

Casinos pump out gas to keep you energised

Myth: This myth exaggerated by the movies imply that casinos drug players through ventilation to keep them hooked on playing. As a result, some fear entering casinos entirely, not wanting to risk seeing whether this rumour is true or not.

If you fear being gassed by the casino while playing, you have nothing to be afraid of since it is simply not true.

Truth: Casinos don’t pump gas in their air to keep you in a never-ending cycle of playing games and gambling since that is illegal and they can be closed down for that. After all, they are closely monitored by the government. 

Plus, whoever thought of this myth hasn’t considered how much this whole operation would cost and that is not a price casinos are willing to pay for nor a practice they are desperate to try. 

So no, there are no drugs in the air. All there is to it is the buzz of excitement as you play your favourite games and get closer to your wins.

Card counting is illegal

Myth: This one isn’t as ridiculously off the mark as others and that’s because the word ‘illegal’ is too strong to use for the simple act of card counting. Before we debunk this casino myth and facts, let’s first be clear on what card counting means. 

Card counting is when the player tries to memorise the balance of high and low-value cards remaining on the deck. This strategy is often used in blackjack so players can adjust their betting strategies and adapt their bet size according to the remaining cards in the shoe. 

Common blackjack myths say card counting is illegal and if casinos catch you, you would immediately be put in jail. The severity of its punishment was likely inspired by the idea that card counting basically counts as cheating for most players.

Truth: Card counting doesn’t count as an illegal activity that you can go to jail for, but it is indeed something that casinos heavily frown upon. That’s because it heavily tilts the favour of the game to the player’s side. 

Moreover, it’s bad for business if casinos keep losing in games where players go against the house. And as far as punishments go, the most severe repercussion you can get for getting caught is possibly being escorted out of the casino, banned for a period of time or blacklisted.

Playing with a loyalty card impacts the game

Myth: This myth is popular among casino players since most people think being part of the VIP or loyal players club would reward you with more advantages in the casino. They believe that casino games are more likely to shell out payouts if you are a loyalty cardholder since you are considered an important member of the casino.

Truth: The truth about this myth is that it isn’t true at all. Even if you’re a VIP, you are playing the same game as any other player, beginner or seasoned. It doesn’t matter if you are holding a loyalty card, the result of the games would still be up to your skill or luck. However, this is not to say that loyalty and VIP memberships don’t matter. 

These memberships present advantages differently through casino bonuses, freebies, cashback, and perhaps some exclusive deals that you can only get as a member. The list of perks is endless, but it doesn’t include giving you an advantage in your games. 

The higher your bet, the bigger your advantage in winning

Myth: We can’t even tell you how common this gambling myth is. At this point, people don’t even question if it is true or not. Others simply take it as the truth and this could be dangerous for you as a player. 

Some players think that when you are wagering high, the casino might give you a higher chance to win compared to low roller players. This belief stemmed from the idea that the casino has control over the result of the games.

Truth: As we have kept highlighting throughout the article, casino games are entirely random. No one, not the dealer, other players or the casino can influence their results.

This means even if you gamble big, your chances of winning are still the same as every other player. What you have though is the possibility of a bigger win since the higher you wager, the higher your possible payout becomes.

The only goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible

Myth: You probably didn’t expect that to be a myth since getting as close to 21 as possible is how you win in blackjack. However, some players out there focus too much on this goal that they are basically begging to bust. They forget that reaching 21 isn’t the real objective in the game.

Truth: The truth is beating the dealer without going over 21 is the only goal of the game. Having a blackjack or a value as close to 21 as possible is just the surest way to do it. To beat the dealer, you must strive to have higher value cards and try not to be the first one to bust in the game. The bust is when you go beyond the 21 value.

Other players can affect your chances of winning the game

Myth: Believe it or not, some players think that the way other people at the table play affect their chances of having a successful gamble. This idea is popular in games like blackjack. 

The idea behind it is that when unskilled players hit or stand at the wrong time, the order of cards would be mixed up in the game. Let’s see if there’s any truth to this claim. 

Truth: Whatever action or bet other players have on their side of the table, it won’t affect your chances of winning. If you are worried about the order of cards getting mixed up, it is proven that card orders have no drastic effect on your chances of scoring a win. 

With that out of the bag, you can now focus on your game and strategies!

It is possible to perfectly hedge the board in roulette

Myth: This is one of the roulette myths that has been living in the head of players for a long time. After all, countless roulette strategies offer the chance to 'perfectly' hedge the table by placing several bets per spin. Supposedly, this will ensure you a win regardless of the spin result. 

Truth: This strategy might work on some spins, but it is not an advisable strategy to use for your long time gambles since the house edge is still built into every spin. 

Even if you do this, you are not reducing the house edge, you are simply playing multiple bets at once. Plus, even if you win one or a few of those bets, your losses can outweigh your wins. So if you are not careful, you might even lose more money in a short amount of time with this strategy unless, of course, you have a healthy dose of luck on you. 

Dealers can cheat or influence the outcome of the game

Myth: This myth has been going around for a long time and looking at it, you can sort of understand where the rumours are coming from. After all, the dealers are the ones who are in charge of shuffling the decks, spinning the roulette and dealing the cards. 

And so, some people think that croupiers are performing some elaborate trick that would result in players losing their game. For instance, there’s a myth about roulette that the dealer dictates exactly where the ball would land on the wheel through the use of magnets and tricks. 

Truth: The truth is that albeit these casino myths make perfect sense, they aren’t true at all. Every game in the casino is heavily monitored by its security and not just the dealers alone. Plus, casinos are overseen by the government so if any illegal activities would prove that they are cheating on the players, severe consequences would be put upon them and their croupiers. This is a price that no casino is ever willing to pay. 

As for the myths surrounding roulette dealers knowing exactly where the ball would land, it also isn’t true. There are far too many variables in a roulette wheel that predicting exactly where the ball would land would be impossible. 

Keeping tabs on past results would allow you to win

Myth: Many believe that they can predict the next outcome of the game by simply looking back at the results of the past bets. You might see players obsessively trying to see which kinds of bet managed to win the most on the table in hopes of guessing correctly which bets are likely to win next. 

Truth: The truth of the matter is that no amount of data can help you accurately predict what would be the outcome of your game. The game is completely random and the past results are irrelevant to the present. 

The true face of casinos

Now that the cat’s out of the bag and the truth about casinos is no longer shrouded in rumours and false claims, you can now play with confidence. Pick your favourite casino games and enjoy a carefree gamble! 

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Debunking casino myths: The truth about casino games!

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