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Deal or No Deal live strategy: What’s inside the briefcase?

Deal or No Deal live strategy: What’s inside the briefcase?

Deal or No Deal live strategy: What’s inside the briefcase?

Sun Jul 10 2022 01:05:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

In partnership with Endemol Shrine, Evolution brings the hit TV show Deal or No Deal to life on your screen with a live dealer game show variant, Deal or No Deal Live. And amongst the many live dealer games today, it is unparalleled in the level of interaction and suspense its gameplay gives to players. 

What makes the game extra appealing is it caters to everyone’s nostalgia. Deal or No Deal may not be on your TV screens anymore, but its online counterpart is just as exciting and rewarding. Just like the original show, you just have to guess if the value inside the briefcase will be higher than the banker’s offer. All you need is great luck!

Despite the game being based on pure chances, Deal or No Deal Live also comes with strategies to help you win. Curious to know more? Continue reading below!

Banker vs Player: Taking a look at the game’s layout

Before we proceed to the best Deal or No Deal strategies, you first need to analyse its layout. The game revolves around the perspectives of the banker and contestants. Let’s take a closer look at these stances:

Banker’s perspective

When playing the game, you have to understand that the banker will put so much effort into reducing the risks presented to them. They adopt various strategies to minimise the prize you can take home based on the length of your gameplay. 

This means the longer the session, the better for the banker. That’s why on the first few offers, they would only propose a tiny fraction of the expected amount of the remaining cases. 

Contestant’s perspective

Once you become a contestant in the game, you already have a sketch of the prizes you’ll win throughout the session. You will be receiving calls from the banker and decide on the spot whether you’ll accept or reject their offer.  

How to play Deal or No Deal game

Since Deal or No Deal is straightforward and enthralling, there’s no question that it is one of the best live dealer games you can play. Now that you know the layout of the game, you have to learn about its rules and rounds to come up with better tactics. 

Deal or No Deal is divided into three separate parts, including:

The qualifying round

When you enter the game, a three-reel bank vault will welcome you at the start of the qualifying round. This is just like playing a classic online slot where you have to spin the wheel and hope that the gold segments align within the time limit. 

To increase your chances of qualifying, you can adjust the level of difficulty to the following:

  • Normal mode - This mode requires you to collect all three sections and every spin costs its face value. Compared to other modes, it has no advantage.

  • Easy Mode - Since it locks one of the gold segments, you only need to collect the remaining two. It will also increase your wagers threefold.

  • Very Easy Mode - Spinning in this mode means you only have to collect one qualification section. However, this will cost 9x your initial stake.
    During this round, you will also select a briefcase that you think contains the biggest prize. 

The prize top-up round

If you qualify for the first round, you proceed to the prize top-up segment. This is the stage of the game where you try to top up the amount you have on one or more briefcases. A golden wheel full of random multipliers between 5x to 50x will determine how much money you can add. 

To get started, you need to set a bet and choose one of the 16 briefcases to boost its prize money. As long as the countdown is not over yet, you can keep the wheel spinning and topping up your briefcases to optimise your gains. 

When the time is up, you proceed to the live-hosted game show!

The main game

Here comes the exciting part! You will now enter the Deal or No Deal studio where an entertaining host supervises the game. Everything is similar to the original show: your pre-selected briefcase is now at the centre of the studio and 16 locked briefcases are placed in the back. Every case comes with a number and prize value. 

During the main show, the host’s assistant will open every briefcase to reveal its prize. Once a box is opened, it will be removed from its zone. 

When three or four briefcases have been opened, the Banker calls the host to offer a cash prize to the player. This is where you’ll hear the ever-iconic question: Deal or No Deal?

If you opt for the Deal option, the round ends and you walk away with the cash value offered by the Banker. The game will continue if you pick No Deal.

The session runs until the player’s briefcase and one final briefcase are the only ones left. At this point, you have the option to choose ‘No Deal’ and be rewarded with its attached prize. You can go with ‘Deal’ and accept the Banker’s offer or choose ‘Switch Briefcases’ if you think the other briefcase has a higher prize value. 


Deal or No Deal strategy: Making the right guess

There’s no denying that Deal or No Deal Live is a game purely based on luck. No matter how great of a player you are, you have no way of knowing which briefcase has the highest cash prize. The real challenge comes when you have to pick between Deal or No Deal. Should you risk walking away with nothing or taking the Banker’s offer that might be smaller than what your briefcase carries?

Although luck is a great help, you still can use strategies to optimise your gameplay. Take a look at them below:

Top up three to four briefcases

When the top-up wheel appears, it is highly recommended that you top up three to four briefcases. Keep in mind that playing with only one briefcase is a risky move since you might end up with low-value briefcases if it gets opened before the last round. 

On the other hand, if you have three or more briefcases on your end, you’ll likely receive better offers from the Banker.

Qualify using the lowest bet

Since the qualification round mainly operates on random number generators (RNG), you might qualify on the first try or you pass the round on the fifth attempt. This means that things may get too costly if you keep placing a bet just to be qualified for the main game. 

If you don’t have the privilege of having a huge bankroll, this can prevent you from playing. That’s why you should set minimum wagers until you pass the qualification round. 

Even out the value of your briefcases

Try to balance the value of your chosen briefcases during the top-up round. When you invest in every briefcase, you will receive good offers from the Banker since he’ll see that each box contains a competitive cash value. 

Accept the offer if you think it beats your briefcase’s value

If you think that the Banker’s offer is better than what you’d get once your briefcase is revealed, you can choose the Deal option. It’s tempting to stay in the game as much as possible to claim the jackpot. But when odds are obviously against you, it’s better to take the offer. Besides, when you accept the Banker’s bid, you’re not ending the session empty-handed.

However, just make sure that you don’t say ‘Deal’ without thinking twice. Remember that the objective of the Banker is to get you to end the game with the least amount of money, so tread carefully. 

Deal or No Deal: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal has an appealing RTP of 95.42%.

What is the max win available for Deal or No Deal?

The maximum coin win is set at 500x your stake.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Deal or No Deal?

The minimum bet is relatively low at €0.40 and the maximum bet is €3,600.

Where to play Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal can be played in reputable online casinos that offer Evolution games, such as, and


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Deal or No Deal live strategy: What’s inside the briefcase?

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