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Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online: How to play and win

Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online: How to play and win

Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online: How to play and win

Mon May 30 2022 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The realm of online gaming is vast, and you can choose from lots of options apart from the typical slots and table games. Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online game happens to be an excellent choice for fans of the hit TV show and those who wish to try something new. 

In this live Deal or No Deal casino review, you will witness the evolution of live casino games and how these kinds of games are the future of online casinos and gaming as a whole. Learn how to play Deal or No Deal online and see some pro strategies and features you can use to get an edge on your competitors! See the sections below to get started: 

How to play Deal or No Deal online at

Place your bet in Deal or No Deal and get chances to potentially bring home massive wins, thanks to its RTP of 95.42%. All you have to do is start the game and hope that you choose the right briefcases.

To get started in the Evolution Deal or No Deal game, you will have to go through some segments first. These come in the form of the qualification round with a wheel of fortune, the Top Up Wheel and then the main game. 

See the different sections below to get a better idea of how the game works:  

Spin the wheel to begin in Deal or No Deal online 

The first thing that you will come across while playing the game is the initial wheel of fortune. It has three rings with segments in either grey or gold. To succeed in this qualifying round, you have to align 3 gold segments, one per ring, on the wheel’s upper part. Once this is accomplished, you will be able to move on to the next part of the game. 

You can think of this first segment as a slot game, where you have to land 3 of the same positions at the same time. If you want to quicken things out, you can choose from 3 different settings that can help you at an additional cost. These are as follows: 

  • Easy mode - Automatically locks one gold segment and costs 3x your initial bet to trigger
  • Very Easy mode - Automatically locks two gold segments and costs 9x your initial bet to trigger
  • Instant mode - Automatically locks three gold segments and costs 18x your initial bet to trigger; proceeds straight to the Top Up phase when bought.

Keep in mind that the bet you choose will determine the prizes you can win on the 16 briefcases. See the contents of these 16 briefcases in the table below: 

Briefcase number

Corresponding reward


0.10x your bet


0.20x your bet


0.50x your bet


0.70x your bet


1x your bet


2x your bet


3x your bet


5x your bet


8x your bet


10x your bet


12x your bet


15x your bet


20x your bet


25x your bet


50x your bet


65 to 500x your bet


Adjust your possible winnings with the Top Up Wheel

Once you have won in the initial segment and you have already chosen your initial bet, it’s time to move on to the Top Up Wheel. 

In this round, you can change the possible rewards of a specific briefcase. Simply choose the briefcase that you want and top up any additional wins that you wish to add. Your initial stake will allow you to spin the wheel and the corresponding reward will be added to the briefcase. 

Deal or No Deal online: Starting the main game 

Now that you know how to play deal or no deal online and have your bets and briefcases ready, it’s time to head over to the main game. This is where you will see the classic gold and black-themed studio of the popular game show along with the different briefcases and the live host. 

In this final round, the banker and the player face off in an attempt to win against each other. The player will begin to choose the briefcases to open one by one, and each briefcase opened along with its corresponding values will be removed from the roster of possible wins. 

First up, the host will open three briefcases for you according to your choice and these will then be removed from your potential wins. Afterwards, the banker will then make his first offer and you can choose whether to take the deal or not. 

If you choose the Deal option, you take his offer and end your turn. If you choose the ‘No Deal’ option, you will continue with the same process for two more rounds. 

When the final round arrives, you will be asked to choose between the banker’s offer or what the last briefcase holds. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to play it safe and get the guaranteed offer from the banker or risk it and see if the content of the last briefcase is higher. The highest possible jackpot you can win is at 500x your bet! 

Deal or No Deal game features to look forward to 

Of course, every live casino game has something special to offer to its players. Evolution’s Deal or No Deal is no exception and bettors have a lot to look forward to here! Check out some of the things you can expect when placing your bets in this exciting game: 

Various segments to experience 

As previously mentioned, there are three different segments to experience in Deal or No Deal. It’s a chance for you to find other lucky games outside of the base game and customise your wins at the same time.

Consider these segments as stepping stones when you place your bets. Once you complete them, you will move on to the next one until you finally reach the main game itself and choose the briefcases you want. 

Live chat and support features 

Another feature that you can look forward to when placing your bets in this online Deal or No Deal game is the live support and chat features. You can ask for assistance if you need it and even speak to the host and the other players.

An immersive, interactive gaming experience

While playing the game, you will notice that you are not simply playing on your own, but with other players from different places in the world. Communicate with them and even the host as you choose the briefcases you wish to open for an interactive experience unlike any other! 

You can experience a fully automated and exciting immersive game when you place your bets thanks to the features that allow you to choose your briefcases and communicate with the host along with other players. Due to this, Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online game is undoubtedly one of the top live dealer games to play on the platform because it’s different compared to the other typical titles that use cards or casino chips.

It is similar to the hit game show on TV

If you like the TV show Deal or No Deal, you can now experience what it’s like to be a contestant when you play its live dealer version! The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your home to give it a try.  

There is no need for extensive online casino knowledge

Even if you've never played in a casino before, you won’t have trouble playing Deal or No Deal since it doesn’t require extensive casino knowledge. No need to know specific lingo and complicated rules. All you have to understand are the basic mechanics of the game and you are ready to go! 

Essential Deal or No Deal tips every player should know

By now, you might be wondering how do you win deal or no deal at the casino platform in Well, you can make use of some of the tips we have put together for you! Choose the deal or no deal live strategy that works for you and see if it brings you one step closer to the jackpot of 500x your bet! See the list below to learn more: 

Avoid choosing the ‘Deal’ option too soon 

When you play the online Deal or No Deal game, you will get offers from the banker. Remember that there will be moments when you should take the offer and moments when you are better off knowing what’s left inside the other briefcases. To increase your chances of winning, avoid choosing the ‘Deal’ option too soon and consider that you could win even bigger payouts in the coming rounds! 

Start with small bets and work your way up 

If you’re playing Deal or No Deal online for the first time, you should make small bets first so you can minimise your risks as a beginner. Get the feel of the game first, gauge how much you’re willing to wager then work your way up from there. 

This is an essential strategy that could help you lessen your losses especially if you are still getting the hang of the game. Once you are confident, then it’s time to move on to higher bets later on. 

Always hedge the remaining available rewards before choosing 

The stakes start to get higher in the Evolution Deal or No Deal game when you are reaching the end. This is where it becomes more crucial to consider the banker’s offer along with the final briefcases that are left behind. So when you’re faced with an offer that’s hard to pass, remember to hedge your bets and go with the largest possibility of a win. 

Do not set your eyes on the largest prizes only

Last but not least, remember that it is not always realistic to go for the largest possible payout. It’s always better to go for the more rational option of the game and win some money instead of nothing at all. If you happen to win the Deal or No Deal jackpot, then great! Otherwise, go for the safer and more guaranteed option. 

Place your bets on Evolution’s Deal or No Deal today! 

Start playing Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online today and see what surprises await! Choose the briefcases and decide whether or not to take the banker’s offer in this thrilling game. If you are lucky, then the maximum win or jackpot of 500x your bet could be yours. 

This is your chance to play live dealer casino games online no matter where you are and potentially bring home massive wins. Gaming experiences like slots, skill games and live dealers are in the palm of your hands. Play Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online now and see what other games on the platform have in store for you. 

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Evolution’s Deal or No Deal online: How to play and win

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