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Understanding False shuffles and How to avoid them

Understanding False shuffles and How to avoid them

Understanding False shuffles and How to avoid them

Sat May 14 2022 11:34:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

There is no denying that card games are popular in both land and online casinos. Classic games such as baccaratpoker and blackjack are just some of the crowd favourites that are considered timeless.

What makes these games even more sought after is that they heavily rely on chance, which adds to the thrill of playing. However, they are also susceptible to forms of cheating, which come in the form of false shuffles. 

While some card games are advertised to be fair, instances of foul play can take place and steer the odds to the dealer’s advantage. 

If you wish to avoid false shuffling as well, read the following sections to understand how it works, how you can avoid it and the different games at Livecasino you can trust! 

What are false shuffles?

The act of shuffling cards entails fairness and the notion that the results fully rely on chance. However, there are dealers that employ false shuffling to manipulate cards and ensure the outcome is in their favour. Of course, this is not ideal on the part of the player. 

Did you know that false cuts and shuffles are not limited to casinos? They can also be used for other kinds of games as well. For example, magicians and street artists are known to shuffle cards as well to appear like masters of the mystic arts when in reality they are simply skilled with their hands. 

A major instance of false shuffling took place in over 25 casinos around the United States and in Canada. These schemes led them to illegally gain around $2.5 million, with winnings being distributed among around 30 people. According to reports by Find Law, 29 members of the ‘Tran Organization’ pled guilty to the charges.

As a result, the members of the organisation were sentenced to various jail times, ranging from 1 to 3 years. Upon investigating, it was found out that they were not performing any high-tech strategies to hack or exploit the casinos and their games. Instead, they did it through card manipulation. 

What are the different types of false shuffles? 

Now that you know all about false shuffles and what they are, it’s time to dig a little deeper and see the specific types you need to look out for. These will potentially help you get out of a sticky situation and minimise risks in the long run. Check out the section below to learn more about it: 

The False Dovetail Shuffle 

To those who are not familiar with false shuffles, this variant might be particularly hard to spot. The dovetail deals with splitting two decks of cards in the middle and putting them back together whilst shuffling. It does not look malicious to other people, but those who have perfected it can spot it if they know how to. 

The reason why this type of false shuffle is called a dovetail is that when the two decks are separated, they somewhat look like the spread-out tail of a dove. It can be deceiving for first-timers, so be sure to keep an eye out! 

The False Overhand Shuffle 

Another kind of shuffling you have to learn about is the false overhand. This is a common type of card manipulation because it delves into quick illusions that cards are being switched. The idea of this tactic is to cut the deck of cards into smaller sections and appear as if their positions are being interchanged. 

However, if a skilled person performs this kind of shuffle, they will eventually return the small section of cards into their original position. They know which ones are on the top and bottom portion and eventually return them to their initial arrangement. So in reality, the cards were never truly shuffled properly. 

False Deals and Cuts 

The false deals and cuts shuffle is another common occurrence not just in casino games. It can also be employed in performances such as magic tricks, where the person shuffling will ask someone from the audience to cut the deck. Afterwards, the shuffler will supposedly change its position to cater to the choice of the audience member. 

In reality, the top and bottom portion of the deck is never actually changed. Even though the player was able to decide where the deck will be cut, the shuffling process eventually leads to the set of cards in favour of the dealer. 

The Hindu Shuffle 

A good and sneaky means of shuffling cards come in the form of the Hindu shuffle. This is a popular option in countries like India and Pakistan because the technique is subtle and is hardly noticeable if performed successfully, the dealer will be able to select the card or set of cards that they want to choose. 

The idea of this shuffle is to take sections of the cards and isolate the ones that they want ahead of time. These will be subtly transferred to the upper portion of the deck as they are shuffled. As a result, the cards that are being drawn will be manipulated according to how the dealer wants them. 

The Riffle Shuffle 

The riffle shuffle is another popular tactic used to manipulate a deck of cards. It works with interlacing cards, which makes it particularly convincing if the player does not know what to look for. 

Instead of a full shuffle, the cards from the top stack and the bottom stack are interlaced, which makes it more susceptible to manipulation. The dealer will then know which cards are on the top and the bottom since the positions are known. 

The Strip-Out Shuffle 

Last but not least, you should also be sure to look out for the strip-out shuffle. At first glance, this may look fair, but those who know how to use it will be able to discreetly turn the situation around and change the results in their favour. 

In order to complete the strip-out shuffle, the dealer will place the deck flat and face down on the table. 

They will then take small sections from the bottom or middle and transfer them to the top. The cards will then be fanned out and the casino game will begin. When manipulated, these small sections are pre-determined and the dealer knows the outcome ahead of time. 

How to avoid false shuffling in live dealer games

After learning what are the different types of false shuffles, you can move on to the real-life application of what you have learned. Being a smart player is the first step for you to make the most of your gaming experience. So, check out the different tips that you can use to avoid false shuffles while playing in live dealer games

Understand the basics of the game and when shuffling occurs 

The first and most obvious tip that every player should know is to understand the basics of the game. For example, cards must be shuffled in games like baccarat and blackjack before the cards are dealt.

Those who enter games blindly without knowing what to do are at a disadvantage. As a player, it’s your obligation to know the game’s mechanics before placing your bets. Not only will it help you avoid false shuffling, but also decrease your chances of losing funds. 

You can increase your knowledge in casino games by constant practice and research. Once you’ve mastered the ins and outs, you can easily notice if there’s a shift in the shuffling of your dealer. 

Know the different types of regular shuffles and false shuffles 

A good player will know the inner workings of the game as well as the kinds of shuffles. If you have already learned about the types of false shuffles, you can distinguish them with no problem. 

When you pull all the stops and know the different ways that cards can be shuffled, then this means that you will be able to avoid additional loss. However, you do not have to worry about card shuffling when you place your bets at because all of the games and their cards make use of RNG technology

Watch the dealer and their shuffling techniques intently 

Another tip that you can make use of when you play live dealer games is to observe the dealer. Once you are familiar with the different types of false shuffles, you can tell if it is being employed while the cards are being dealt. This is where you will have to apply your knowledge of the aforementioned shuffling techniques. 

Once you know all about the shuffling techniques, see if any of them have been applied by the dealer. If you notice any foul play, then this is your sign to go and look for a different game. On the other hand, be sure to stick with the dealers that use the real shuffling techniques. 

Try to spot patterns in the game results, if there are any 

To avoid false cuts and shuffles, you can analyse different patterns in the game results. Of course, if you find that most of the game results are in favour of the dealer, then there might be foul play going on. Be sure to take a close look at the results and deduce whether or not the results are based on luck or false card shuffling. 

However, it’s important to remember that modern live dealer games nowadays now make use of RNG shuffling techniques and algorithms to shuffle cards. In cases like these, the dealer has no control over the outcome of the results at all. Instead, the provider or online casino’s RNG technology will take care of it to ensure unbiased game outcomes. 

Now that you have an idea about the types of false shuffles and how to avoid them, you can now start playing the top casino games online! Rest assured that you do not have to worry about these when you place your bets at because all shuffling is random and results are completely impartial. Plus, there are tons of different options to choose from, so you can enjoy hours and hours of fair and entertaining games. 

Is false shuffling possible at the platform? 

For those who are wondering if you have to worry about false card shuffles at, the answer is no. You can be sure that all of the providers supported on the platform such as EvolutionOneTouch and eBET are legitimate and known to be the best when it comes to releasing live dealer games. 

The best thing about the live dealer titles at is that all of it unfolds before your very eyes, so you can watch the dealers intently and be sure that you get your money’s worth in placing bets. You can rest easy and focus on the game itself because all shuffling is impartial and the results rely on chance. 

Play at and never experience false shuffles again! 

False card shuffles can be incredibly annoying because it takes away the thrill of playing online casino games. Instead of getting a good chance to actually win, players worry that the cards are manipulated to the dealer’s favour. Luckily, with the information we shared with you, you can spot these manipulation techniques and have a carefree gaming experience. 

However, this is not something you should expect at Not only is it an excellent platform to place your bets and access live dealer card games, but all shuffling and card dealing is completely impartial. So, what are you waiting for? Place your bets today and see if you are lucky enough to bring home massive wins with live dealers, slots, skill games and so much more! 

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Understanding False shuffles and How to avoid them

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