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The world’s most famous gamblers: Get to know the stars

The world’s most famous gamblers: Get to know the stars

The world’s most famous gamblers: Get to know the stars

Wed Aug 03 2022 00:31:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn gambling into a profession and become a high-stakes player for profit? Well, some people have successfully done it and become the most famous gamblers in the world! These people have gone down in history for their big wins and strategies to bring home massive rewards. 

Learn more about advice from professional gamblers, their stories, and how to use them to your advantage when placing your bets on! 

Professional gambling and why some choose to do it

Gambling has been around for a long time, estimated to have been invented back in 3000 BCE during the Palaeolithic Period when the 6-sided dice were invented. Some origins trace back to ancient China with lottery games. Since then, gambling has transformed into something different but its essence and influences remain. 

Nowadays, gambling comes in many different forms. And with world-class land-based casinos and innovative online platforms like available today, you can now access thousands of amazing games in the palm of your hands. 

But to some, playing games is more than mere entertainment—it’s a profession. These famous gamblers use their professional gambler strategy to increase their chances of winning and beating their opponents at the table. 

That's not the only way to become a famous gambler, however. From teaching other people how to play and make use of strategies to betting hundreds or thousands of dollars on casino games, the possibilities are endless! 

Who are the world's most famous gamblers?

By now you might be wondering, who is the richest gambler in the world? Find the answer in our list of famous gamblers below: 

1. Edward Thorp 

Photo credits: Winton

The first person on the list is possibly the most known by other players today. Edward Thorp is a maths professor who wrote and published a book on card counting called Beat the Dealer. In this book, Thorp taught card counting strategies for beating the house edge in blackjack using mathematical sequences.  

Thorp developed these gambling systems that worked back in 1966, a time when technology and additional resources were limited. Although Thorp was not the first to introduce card counting, he added his twist to it thanks to his mathematics skills. These strategies were said to work on games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and backgammon among others. 

2. Bill Benter

Photo credits: Bloomberg

Can you imagine winning over 1 billion dollars with your bet playing casino games? Well, this is exactly what is rumoured to have happened with Bill Benter. He got his start betting in horse racing back in the 1980s and he slowly moved on from that to other games and opportunities that involved card counting. 

Bill Benter and Edward Thorp crossed paths at some point and the former got to teach the latter his card counting strategies. Talk about teamwork and a passion for professional gambling! Benter now enjoys his winnings as he resides in the United States. 

3. Chris Moneymaker

Photo credits: Medium

Not all tournament winners are veteran pro gamblers. Chris Moneymaker, for example, had humble beginnings before becoming one of the most popular poker players in the world.

Working as an accountant back in 2002, he took an interest in playing poker online. Little did he know that it was going to change his life. What started as a simple hobby got him the winning title in the 2003 World Series of Poker. 

Shortly after, he created his own company called MoneyMaker Gaming, a company based in the industrial sector that develops programs and commercial support services. 

Chris is now known as a great professional gambler who has travelled the world to promote his company in the years following his wins. 

4. Archie Karas

Photo credits:

Another rags-to-riches story you ought to know is Archie Karas’. He was an immigrant from Greece who came to the United States back in 1992 with nothing but $40 in his pocket. He then went to Las Vegas and used that money to turn it into $40 million in just 2 years. Although short, his career as a professional gambler was a unique and fascinating one. 


5. Phil Ivey

Photo credits: Habwin 

Of all casino games, poker is one of the most complex and difficult to perfect. So mastering it is an accomplishment worthy of recognition. Among those who mastered the game is Phil Ivey who showed his expertise in poker by winning the World Series of Poker 10 times in his gambling career. Now, he is considered one of the best poker players in the world with his achievements. 

6. Billy Walters

Photo credits: The Personage

Some people excelled in science or showed promise in the arts when they were young, but Billy Walters was unique. His gift lay in being lucky and at 9 years old, he was already having winning streaks which continued until he turned 30 years old. 

Walters was mainly interested in sports betting, but it wasn’t long before he turned his eye to casino games such as roulette, poker and blackjack and showed that he can do well in those too. He played in Monte Carlo and the United States, mainly in casinos based in Las Vegas. 

7. Chris Ferguson

Photo credits: Poker Discover

Born and raised in the United States, Chris Ferguson is another household name in the world of casino games. He has won the World Series of Poker six times and has shown that his playing prowess can easily put others to shame. Ferguson works as a computer scientist and had an impressive career for a while as one of the best players in the world. 

The best Gambling tips: Advice from professional gamblers

Now that you know some of the best gamblers in the world, it’s time to learn some gambling tips from the greatest! Check out the list below and use them to your advantage when placing your bets on 

  1. Understand how the game works

Of course, the first and possibly one of the most important tips you have to remember is to understand the game and how it works. This is so you can make a proper game plan as to what you are doing and increase your chances of actually getting the hang of the rules when you play the game. 

For example, be sure to do your research on things like the top live dealer games to play and observe a few rounds especially if you don’t know which title to play. That way, you have better chances of using strategies and winning prizes. 

  1. Budgeting is essential 

Pacing and budgeting are other essential tips that you have to remember when placing your bets especially if you wish to learn the ins and outs of crypto gambling. Be sure to set aside a certain amount of money for playing and know when it’s time to stop. That way, you can have fun and avoid spending more money than you intended. 

  1. Work your way from smaller jackpots to bigger ones 

While it might be a bold move to go for the gold as soon as you play, it’s better to start slow and steady with smaller jackpots and work your way up from there. This is so you have a better grasp of the games and have little to lose in the beginning. Once you gain more confidence, then you can move on to high-roller games! 

  1. Try your hand at strategic approaches when placing your bets 

To be where they are now, famous gamblers used tried-and-tested strategies. You can follow in their footsteps and use card counting techniques, strategy charts and all sorts of methods to increase your chances of winning! 

  1. Go with your gut feel 

At their core, casino games still rely on chance. Instead of stressing too much about winning, why not sit back and relax so you can make the most of your experience? Go with your gut feel and see where it takes you! You will find that it is a good tip to remember instead of worrying over strategies and odds all the time. 

  1. Take advantage of VIP memberships, promotions, etc.

Last but not least, take advantage of the different tools you have in your arsenal. One of them, in particular, is using VIP memberships, promotions and all sorts of bonuses casinos offer. These can help you get an edge over the other players on the platform and give you a headstart on the different games for a better playing experience. 


FAQs about successful gamblers

For additional inquiries on the world’s best gamblers and how you can potentially be one of them, check out some of the frequently asked questions to find the answers you seek!

Do gambling tips work? 

Yes, there is a chance for gambling tips to work. After all, some of the gamblers mentioned in the previous sections have already proven that their methods have worked for them throughout their career. However, these tips do not always apply to everyone. You might be wondering ‘how do professional gamblers bet?’, well it all depends on their strategies! 

It is important to keep in mind that gambling in all of its forms usually relies on luck. While you can certainly make use of all sorts of strategies to your advantage, remember that none of these guarantees a win. It can increase your chances of winning, but luck is mostly the one with the upper hand, so make use of these gambling tips wisely! 

How do professional gamblers bet? 

The strategies of professional gamblers can vary depending on their background and the casino game they specialise in. Some may use card counting techniques to win in casino games while others prefer strategy charts. If you wish to be like these pro gamers, you simply have to find out which style suits you best. 

How do I increase my chances of winning a casino game? 

Some of the things you can do to increase your winning chances in casino games are using strategies such as card counting, reading bitcoin roulette strategies, using betting systems, memorising strategy charts and reading books and articles on gambling. You can also use casino promotions and bonuses brought to you by! 

How do I become a professional gambler?

To be a professional gambler, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of the industry by researching and analysing all games and other players. Gather all the data you need and create a solid foundation for your career. You’ll need a huge bankroll for this.

Once you’ve proven your skills, you can get sponsors and talk with influential people willing to invest in you as a gambler. Pitch that you can double their investment when you win, etc.

Showcase your gambling prowess at!

Gambling is certainly tricky and sometimes a controversial industry, but when you play your cards right, you can bring home big wins and show off your gaming prowess to other people! Luckily, you can do just that in lots of online games at

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a famous gambler? Make use of all the tips and strategies that you have learned and use them in today! Lots of amazing games like slots and live dealers are in the palm of your hand.

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The world’s most famous gamblers: Get to know the stars

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