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Dare for more: Best high-roller table games you should play

Dare for more: Best high-roller table games you should play

Dare for more: Best high-roller table games you should play

Thu Jun 09 2022 07:41:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Unbeknown to most gamblers, there’s a ladder you can climb when playing in online casinos. Only the bravest players get to the top and these are the high rollers who are ready to place the highest bets and take calculated risks for higher returns. This is why high roller casino games and perks such as VIP bonuses, luxurious travels and cashback offers are provided by online casinos to attract gamblers who would dare for more.

As time goes by, casual players who begin their casino journey with small bets eventually jump in on the high rolling experience. However, which table games have higher maximum bet limits? Continue reading below to kickstart your fearless gambling journey!

High roller casino games you should play

Contrary to popular belief, high roller casino games are for everyone. All you have to do is bet big and make a huge deposit so you can reach the top of the ladder in no time!

To get you started, here are the best table games catered for high rollers:

Bombay Club Salon Privé Baccarat

If there’s one thing software developer Evolution is known for, it is their knack for making games intended for VIP players. For high-stakes players who want to place high wagers and enjoy glamorous gameplay, then this one is at the top of their list. The VIP treatment is unparalleled like no other, allowing punters to experience a supreme platform where everything can be customised.

Following the rules of standard baccarat, Bombay Club Salon Privé Baccarat by Evolution has a standard betting option—Banker, Player and Tie. Players who want to play should meet a minimum bankroll before they can start placing their bets. Since it mainly targets high rollers, the bet ranges from €1,000 and €10,000 per hand. 

Unlike the usual baccarat live dealer titles, the tables are private and no spectators will be allowed to enter. The occupied tables are labelled ‘In Use’ since each session is limited to one player only. This is ideal for gamblers who don’t want any unwanted attention from other people and keep their gameplay private as much as possible!

Moreover, the pace of every round is determined by the player. You just have to click on the ‘Deal Now’ command to determine your luck. In addition, you can request a Free Hand where a free hand is dealt by the dealer without placing wagers. 

Here are other special features you should look out for:

  • When the game begins, you can request a shuffle anytime you want.
  • At any point in the game, you have the option to ask for a different dealer.
  • If you encounter any issues or concerns, a VIP room manager will be at your disposal.


Bombay Club Blackjack

Another part of Evolution’s VIP suite is the Blackjack Fortune VIP. The studio comes with a Chinese-looking design brimming with intricate wall carvings and plush interior colours. Although the elite studio appears like the main focus, its interesting and exclusive features are one of the reasons why high rollers flock to this game.

To keep you guided, the rules are displayed in a sophisticated layout. The odds of every bet are also shown on the screen including blackjack pays 3 to 1 and insurance pays 2 to 1. 

Keep in mind that the game is played with eight decks of cards, which rules out the possibility of card counting. Check out the rules you need to know:

  • The player stands at all 17s.
  • You are allowed to double down on any two cards, except on splits.
  • Splitting is permitted.
  • If the dealer reveals an Ace, insurance is allowed. This means that you can insure against their blackjack by paying half of your wager. 
  • You can take advantage of side bets such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3.


Bombay Club Squeeze Baccarat

Released by Evolution, Bombay Club Squeeze Baccarat has the usual rules of baccarat. You have to correctly predict whose hand will win by having the value closest to nine. It is played with eight standard 52-card decks, and players can either bet on the Banker, Player or Tie. If you bet on the Player and win, your bets are doubled. However, you win 95% of your stake if you place a bet on the Banker and it wins. 

While it has the same rules as the original one, this is not your typical baccarat game. It applies the rule of ‘squeezing’ where the dealer slowly reveals the value of cards, building up everyone’s anticipation and excitement. However, this will all depend on the amount of wager you decide to place. For instance, the dealer quickly reveals the cards if you opt for the minimum bet. Meanwhile, they will squeeze cards dealt with the hand with the highest stake. 

Since it is considered to be one of the best high roller games, it allows you to place a bet ranging from €2 to €80,000. You get the chance to win higher payouts while enjoying the view of a sophisticated studio right before your eyes. After every round, you can also request a re-shuffle to increase your winning chances. 


Super Sic Bo

One of the best high roller casino games out there is Evolution’s Super Sic Bo. Considered to be an ancient Chinese dice game, players are allowed to place a bet as high as €25,000 per game round. Even though things are taken to a whole new level, the rules and mechanics are still the same. 

After placing combination bets, the glass dome dice shaker will start to vibrate to make the dice skip around. What makes this game different is random multipliers of up to 1,000x your bet can be rewarded to you for higher profits. If the multiplier is attached to the betting option you pick, your total payout will be multiplied by that amount. 

You can play Super Sic Bo on tablets, mobile devices or laptops. The mobile version of the game is the same as its desktop counterpart, maintaining smooth gameplay, crisp graphics and an entertaining live dealer experience. Even if you’re on business travel, you get the chance to join the high roller action and take bigger risks!


Why should you become a high roller?

Online casinos like make it their mission to attract big spenders and high rollers. If you ever become one, know that it would be a mutually beneficial relationship. You keep playing your favourite table games, make huge deposits and place big wagers, while casinos go above and beyond to offer exclusive games, freebies and VIP events. 

There’s no doubt that the high roller action will take your casino journey to a whole new level. However, what perks will be waiting for you if you decide to take higher stakes and test your luck? Here are the top benefits of playing high roller games:

Exclusive game access

Every time an online casino launches a new game, regular players would often rush to be the first ones to try it out. However, if you are a high roller, things are entirely different. You will receive an invitation to play the new game before it’s officially released to the public, giving you exclusive and direct access to new titles.

You also get private tables that regular casino players do not have access to. If you like playing without spectators who might judge your every move, then it’s time to place your first outrageous bet today. 

VIP bonuses

There’s no better way to receive VIP bonuses than to become a high-stakes player. Since they help casinos generate more revenue, rewarding them with special bonuses is their way of giving back. This typically includes free cash prizes, bonus points, cashback bonuses and free spins, among others.

For instance, you may collect 30% or 40% cashback than the usual 10% cashback on a typical bet. You’ll receive cashback that can either be transferred to your bank account or deposited into your balance to fund your wagers. 

The offers have flexible and accommodating terms and conditions, which allows high rollers to maximise these bonuses for their gain. 

Private VIP events

Your rewards and perks as a high roller do not only happen within an online casino platform. VIP membership perks include being invited to real-world tournaments, holiday trips and movie premieres, to name a few. 

Oftentimes, these VIP invites will depend on the game you love playing. For example, if you’re a huge fan of poker, you get the chance to join prestigious poker tournaments that offer huge prize pools. 

Personal VIP Host

When you gamble at a land-based casino, having a personal host ensures that the drinks you order at the bar will be prepared and served on time. They will even book you a private booth at a high-end club near the casino and make sure your entire stay is smooth-sailing and satisfying.

However, an online casino host can’t deliver a bottle of whiskey while you play a game of blackjack. So, how is a personal VIP host possible for online casino platforms? First, by assigning you an account manager, they process your withdrawals much faster. If you ever encounter a problem while playing, they are always available to address and resolve your concerns. 

Much bigger profits

You’d notice that in every table game, most of them have a limit on the maximum bet amount. If you’re geared up to place a five-digit wager in one round, then this can be a disappointing and underwhelming experience. The good news is, once you become a high roller and a VIP, your wagers can go as high as US$20,000 or more. 

This, in turn, can help you gain bigger profits in the long run. The bigger your bet, the higher your potential winnings. Your high roller status will also allow you to negotiate better with a casino operator to increase your payouts. A great example of this is Don Johnson who is known as a professional blackjack hustler. By using his high roller status, he was able to bag a jackpot worth US$15,000,000 after playing a game of blackjack. The home of high roller casino games

It’s not entirely shocking that high roller casino games are popping up left and right, attracting casual players to take their casino ventures to a high rolling gambling level. Luckily, has a huge library of table games that high-stakes players can take advantage of. Whether you like playing blackjack, roulette, poker or baccarat, there’s a live dealer title that will cater to your high roller needs. 

At, you can become a gambling whale by placing large bets and playing for hours on end. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Lots of perks and VIP invites are waiting for you, so sign up today and begin placing your bets!

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Dare for more: Best high-roller table games you should play

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