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How to Improve your Luck in gambling

How to Improve your Luck in gambling

How to Improve your Luck in gambling

Mon Mar 21 2022 04:20:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Despite the introduction of strategies and progressive betting systems over the years, luck is still largely needed in gambling. Whether it’s a personal chanting spell, a superstitious belief or a certain colour of attire, a huge chunk of casino players believes that the outcome of their fate mostly depends on how lucky they are. This is why some gamblers wear something red or have their favourite numbers displayed on the screen as they place their bets.

However, not every player possesses the knowledge and faith to attract luck every time they enter game rooms, especially when they’re new to the scene. It’s hard to enjoy playing when you cannot win any rounds, just facing the computer screen waiting for the outcome since you have no control over the gameplay. Even if you’ve already used every betting strategy on the Internet, sometimes, it seems like the universe is not on your side.

Thanks to the power of gambling rituals and symbols, your chances of winning can significantly increase. See if luck is on your side when you discover these widely-used charms in casino gaming!

Gambling 101: How to increase your luck in gambling

There’s no doubt that gambling is a rewarding thing even when you score the smallest wins. Luckily, there are some gambling rituals and superstitious practices you can practice to boost your luck in gambling. Even if you think they won’t work, you have got nothing to lose if you give them a shot! Check out the examples below:

Find some symbols of luck

Most casino players tend to bring lucky charms when they gamble. This can be a personal choice or something that came from their culture or beliefs. It gives them a sense of assurance, no matter how small, that once their bets are placed, the cards may not go against them.

Here are some symbols of luck you can take advantage of:

Rabbit’s foot

In China, Africa, Europe and North America, a rabbit’s foot is widely considered to be a charm of great luck, fortune and fertility. It has been around since ancient times, with Celtic people and other tribes practising this superstition in 600 BC.

Now, this talisman has found its way into the industry of gambling. Since it’s easy to find and bring along, most gamblers prefer a rabbit’s foot over other objects. It doesn’t matter if you get a real or a fake one, just keep rubbing it when you begin placing your wagers!

Fun fact: Some scriptures claim that you should get the left hind foot of the rabbit for your luck to work.


If you’re a huge fan of online slots, then you’ll easily recognise the horseshoe symbol—another object widely connected with luck, especially in Western cultures. It all started with Saint Dunstan, an English bishop who became a patron saint for silversmiths and goldsmiths.

It was said that he was working at his forge when the Devil arrived pretending to be a lost traveller and asked him to replace his horse’s horseshoe. But when Saint Dunstan saw through him and revealed who the Devil truly was, he nailed a horseshoe on his hoof instead. The Devil was in so much agony that he agreed not to disturb any place with a horseshoe on the door.

However, this isn’t to say that you need to bring a full-sized horseshoe when gambling! Consider buying a necklace with a little horseshoe decoration on it, or a small keychain that could fit in your pocket or purse. Just make sure that you turn the horseshoe upwards to let the U shape collect all the luck!

Four-leaf clover

One of the origin stories of a four-leaf clover being a lucky charm can be traced back to the beginning of times. When Adam and Eve were leaving the Garden of Eden, Eve was believed to have plucked a single four-leafed clover as a sign that they once lived in paradise. This helped them maintain a religious connection despite being cast out in heaven.

But this symbol of luck is extremely rare to come across, so when you find one, don’t hesitate to pick it up and bring it for your gambling sessions. The four leaves stand for faith, hope, luck and love, so things might truly seem to work in your favour!

Perform some gambling rituals

Some gamblers, however, find lucky charms inadequate, so they perform rituals to help them win the rounds and double their payouts, including:

Crossing one’s fingers

One of the most popular gambling rituals among casino players is putting one finger on top of another to wish for good luck. Although there are a couple of origin stories, the most famous narrative so far is associated with the mediaeval Christian practice of making the sign of the cross. This helped them ward off the evil spirits, witches and ominous supernatural forces, among other things.

However, there was a point in history when crossing your fingers for a charm of good luck only works when there is another person involved. They need to cross their index fingers over yours while they say a wish to show some kind of support.

Knocking on wood

Another way to increase your luck in gambling is to knock on wood. Even if you’re not a gambler, you have probably used this ritual many times to protect yourself from negative incidents such as injuries, car accidents and many more. It is said that it started with the Celts who believed that gods and spirits lived inside the trees. It became a common practice in their culture to show gratitude for good fortune.

So, whether you’re playing live blackjack, online slots or other table games, try knocking on some wood first before choosing a bet to bring you good luck!

Chanting some magic spells

To potentially enhance their chances of winning, some gamblers prefer using magic spells, and in some cases, even potions. For instance, you can try the Simple Wiccan Money Gold. Spell. All you have to do is find three yellow candles, a golden ring and a gold chain. Make sure that you form a triangular shape using the candles and put the chain and ring at the dead centre.

Manifest the abundance and prosperity that you would reap when gambling and repeat this three times:

‘Wealth, abundance and prosperity,

Flow into my life and set me free.

It is my will;

So mote it be.’

Once done, wear the ring and chain every time you play. This will attract huge amounts of money that can make your online casino experience even more exciting!

How to keep winning: Getting rid of bad luck in gambling

Aside from magic spells, potions and lucky charms, you can also focus on getting rid of bad luck that can prevent you from winning big payouts. Try to consider some of these practices:

Maintain a positive mindset

Want to make sure a stroke of bad luck does not get in the way when you’re doubling your prizes? Always be in a good mood when you start playing. In fact, studies have shown that people perform better in online casinos with a relaxed and calm mood, helping them absorb all the positive energy around them.

Take a look at the story of Tai Trinh, a 63-year-old Calgary man who won a whopping $65,000,000 after winning the Lotto Max biggest jackpot. He shared that when he gambled, he had a positive mood from drinking his favourite cup of coffee.

Whatever helps you get relaxed, make sure to do it before hitting play!

Do not cross your legs

If crossing your fingers can bring you a stroke of good luck, then doing the same with your legs can do the exact opposite. It means that you’re crossing out your fortune, possibly decreasing your chances of winning the jackpot. So, when you start playing casino games on your smartphone or laptop, always maintain an upright position. It helps your overall posture too!

Avoid unlucky numbers

Most gamblers from Western cultures avoid certain numbers when it comes to betting, especially the number 13. According to one theory, it is believed that it brings bad luck because it represents Judas who willingly betrayed Jesus Christ. He was also the 13th guest to come and sit down to the Last Supper.

In fact, some gamblers have developed a serious fear of the number 13 that they refuse to bet on the 13th roulette pocket. You’d also notice that some casino hotels don’t have a 13th floor.

Bring a bucket of luck to reel in more wins in

At the end of the day, with all these gambling rituals and superstitions being recommended to you, there is only one way to make sure your luck is put in good hands: gamble at trustworthy casinos only.

This includes, one of the leading online casino platforms in the industry. That way, you can be assured that when you play blackjackonline slotsroulette and other games, you have fair chances of winning payouts.

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How to Improve your Luck in gambling

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