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BINGO! Best strategies to win at online bingo games

BINGO! Best strategies to win at online bingo games

BINGO! Best strategies to win at online bingo games

Wed Jun 15 2022 07:07:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Despite online bingo being primarily a game of luck, experts have theorised on the most probable winning strategies to improve their chances of winning. With online bingo strategies, players can set a specific goal and way to achieve it while playing. Are you curious to know more? Learn everything you can about high roller strategies here at!

Expert strategies to win in bingo

When searching for strategies, two probability theories will show up. These are Tippett’s theory and Granville’s theory. It is impossible to prove whether either of them works but they do offer a logical explanation that can help when strategising. Let’s go over each of them:

Tippett bingo theory

The probability theory was named after its creator, a British statistician named Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett. According to his proposed strategy, the first thing to do is determine whether the game is long or short.

When playing a 90 ball game, that automatically counts as a long game. When it comes to 75 ball bingo, a factor that will inform players of the length of the game is the assigned pattern during the round. Complicated patterns indicate a longer round. Alternatively, easier patterns that involve fewer numbers would suggest a shorter duration. 

For shorter games, it's best to choose tickets with more low and high numbers. As for longer ones, using tickets with more numbers closer to the median is more recommended. In 75 ball bingo, that would be 38. In 90 ball bingo, it is 45. 

Granville bingo theory

The second probability theory in bingo is Granville’s Theory introduced by American financial expert Joseph Greenville and is specifically formed for 75 ball bingo. 

It functions under the premise that every number has an equal probability of being drawn. The key to increasing the probability of winning relies on choosing the right ticket. What this theory proposes is to select tickets that are different to each other. But more than that, the denominations printed must end with as many different numbers as possible. Additionally, the chosen ticket these three things:

  • An equal amount of even and odd numbers 
  • An equal amount of high and low numbers
  • An equal amount of numbers that end in a number from 1 to 9. 

Other bingo strategies you can use

Play with as many bingo tickets as you can

When playing bingo, the number of tickets is equal to a player’s chances of winning. Having more tickets means a bigger probability of attaining a win. The limit of tickets you can use depends on the online casino you’re playing on but it is advisable to use as many as you are allowed. 

Choose a strategic time to play

When playing bingo, you want to have the highest chance of winning. Unfortunately, the more players competing against you, the less probable it is to succeed. Aim to play during off-hours so that not many people are online and playing at the same time as you.

Pick a reputable site to play on

If you want to be confident in where you put your money, then choosing more popular casino sites is the best option. These have been tried and tested, meaning you can rest assured that your money is safe. Usually, a great way to know if a site is reputable is to check if they’re licensed by gaming authorities. Reading reviews by players can also help.  Additionally, reputable sites offer a lot of information on the games available to them including their terms and conditions. 

As an example, Bitcoin online casinos like provide additional details such as RTP, volatility, and hit ratio percentage. This allows players to accurately determine which games would be more suitable for them. 

Bingo games to play at

Hot Bingo

Hot Bingo is a 90 ball bingo game that can be played with up to 4 tickets. 33 balls will be drawn in quick succession and the winning combinations will be automatically marked on the ticket. Betting is at a minimum of 0.25 credits and a maximum of 80 credits.

Up to 4 tickets can be played with an option of choosing which tickets you prefer. The winning patterns are blackout, 2L, 1L, and 4 outside corners. It has two bonus features:

  • The extra ball feature can be triggered after the release of 33 balls and the ticket is only one number away from either a 2L pattern or a BINGO pattern. The feature allows players to purchase up to 9 extra balls. 
  • Bonus super line can be triggered when a 1L pattern is attained after rolling only 18 balls or less. Winnings will be multiplied by one of these: 2x, 5x, 10x, 30x, 35x, 40x, or 50x.

When it comes to the jackpot, only players who use all four tickets with a minimum bet of 3 credits are eligible. It can only be achieved when the winning ticket is won with 30 balls or less.


Park Bingo

Another bingo game from Play’n Go is Park Bingo. It is a 90 ball game with a minimum bet of 0.25 credits and a maximum bet of 80 credits. It functions similarly to Hot Bingo except for a few things. 

30 balls, instead of Hot Bingo’s 33, will be rolled out of 90 balls. There are also 12 different winning patterns available. Once the play button is initiated, the balls will start rolling in quick succession as the winning patterns are shown.

Players can avail themselves up to 10 more balls if the ticket is only one ball away from the 8x credit pattern. One of those extra balls also has the chance to become a Gift Ball, which allows the player to choose which number is drawn next. Aside from this feature, there are two more bonus features available:

  • An extra ball is also featured in Park Bingo. It is triggered after all 30 balls have been discharged.
  • Ferris Wheel is a bonus feature triggered when perimeter patterns are created on the tickets. It will spin to give players a chance to win a multiplier of 300x, 600x, or 900x.

The jackpot can be won through achieving a BINGO pattern. Although players playing with 4 tickets with a minimum bet of 3 credits are eligible.


Sweet Alchemy Bingo

Yet another exciting 90 ball game from Play’n GO is Sweet Alchemy Bingo. This title is played with up to 4 tickets that can be toggled on or off depending on the number of tickets the player prefers to play. Usually, it has 30 balls drawn at the start of the game, with winning patterns shown on the tickets.

There are 12 winning patterns available on the upper left side of the screen. Additionally, Extra balls may be purchased for up to 13, with prizes determined by the odds of winning. To increase your chances of winning there’s a bonus feature in the game called Elixir of Power. 

In this feature, the bonus can be won by achieving a perimeter pattern on the ticket. When the bonus game is launched, players can pick chocolate tiles to receive various prizes such as coin prize, multiplier boost, and an x symbol which signifies the end of the bonus round.

The jackpot will be received in the form of a treasure chest. It can award up to 5,000x the total bet. It can be achieved when a BINGO pattern is formed on the ticket after the first 30 balls are drawn. However, only the players who are playing with 4 tickets at a minimum bet of 1 credit are eligible to win it. 


Bingo Billion Llama

Developed by Caleta Gaming, Bingo Billion Llama is a 90 ball game with a minimum bet of 0.04 credits minimum and 80 credits maximum. It can be played with up to 4 tickets. 30 balls are rolled at the start of the game with 10 possible winning patterns. When a winning pattern overlaps on a ticket, the highest value is awarded. 

After the 30 balls have been drawn, players are given the option to purchase up to 14 extra balls. The cost of purchase depends on the odds of winning. When a bonus pattern is achieved, two bonus games may be launched. They are:

  • Bonus game - The bonus round comes in two stages. The first stage will have the player choose between three surfboards. Attached to it are numbers that signify the number of fails that can be collected. In the second, several statues will be presented. Coins can be won by choosing statues that hold that reward. However, once you collect all the fails you are allowed, the bonus game ends.
  • Shark Roll - This part of the game  is presented in the middle of the sea as the llama surfs. The swirls in the water carry bonuses such as prize, win all, and collect. Players can pick swirls until they either choose ‘collect’ or get to the final stage. Once the final stage is reached, players will receive a multiplier that increases the final prize.


Atlantis Bingo 

Also from Caleta Gamin,  the thrilling Atlantis bingo will take you to the depths of the sea where the lost city can be found. In this game, 30 balls are rolled at the start with 11 possible winning combinations. There is an option to purchase up to 12 balls after the initial 30 rolls. 

Special ball When a ticket is close to forming a winning pattern, a special ball may be awarded. This allows players to select any undrawn number on the ticket. It offers three different bonus features:

Ocean fever - The bonus game begins with three free spins with regular symbols that pay from 10x to 100x the bet.

  • Atlantis treasures - If a ticket achieves one of the bonus patterns, the Atlantis treasures bonus is launched. In the bonus game, 12 golden treasure chests will be presented. These can all be opened and different items are inside of each. If 3 tentacles are collected, the bonus game ends. 
  • Princess of Atlantis - The bonus game is launched when a ticket forms the bonus pattern. Five mirrors will be presented and a chosen mirror will have different values attached to them. There are three rewards: Prizes, Win, and Collect. 

Additionally, when a mirror with Prizes reward is opened, a fixed value will be given based on the total bet. With Win All, the various prizes will all be collected. Meanwhile in ‘Collect’, players will simply collect with their current win and end the round.


Ready to jump back in a game of high roller bingo?

Like all games, there are strategies players can use to maximise their playing experience of bingo games. The two that stand out most are strategic theories such as Tippett's bingo theory and Granville's bingo theory. 

These theories were made with the understanding that bingo is a game of luck and that the numbers are rolled randomly. It means that there is no way to be certain if either of the two theories works. That said, the theory has its merits and follows a logical explanation in determining which tickets to use. 

Additionally, while these techniques can potentially increase your chances of winning, they ensure instant wins. Keep in mind that bingo is a game of chance where anything can happen. 

With your newfound knowledge, try our thrilling bingo games and get a chance to rack up massive wins!

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BINGO! Best strategies to win at online bingo games

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