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Thu Jul 07 2022 02:58:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Indulge in exciting and lucrative online casino loyalty rewards as you play in! Discover a rewarding way to play and experience casino gaming like never before as we shower you with perks like no other. 

To get the most out of what we offer, join the Loyalty Club and find out how you can climb through our hierarchy with a casino loyalty card to become the hero of your own casino adventures. Enjoy instant, generous and real-money rewards right here!

Loyalty Club: Where the most loyal players are rewarded!

At, we appreciate you choosing us over hundreds of other online casinos. That’s why we want to give you something rewarding for your loyalty and show you that we know how to take care of our loyal players. 

In the Loyalty Club, we offer a myriad of bonuses and real-money rewards that takes your casino gaming to the next level. And what’s amazing about it is it has multiple tiers so you always have something to look forward to. 

Moreover, becoming a member of the Loyalty Club is easy! Just create your account and you’re done. And as you play your favourite games and place your best bets, you earn casino loyalty points that can take you to the next level!

Why everyone is eager to join’s Loyalty Club! 

Having casino loyalty programs and granting a loyalty card are some of the ways online casinos reward their users. While it's usually the welcome bonus that invites players to sign up, it's the casino loyalty card that makes them want to stay. 

And as an online casino eager to keep you as our long-term player, we provide you with incredible rewards and breathtaking bonuses. Here at, you can Rakeback some of the money you wagered and use it to fill your bankroll. This reward comes instantly to your account with no headache-inducing paperwork or long processes!

Since we hold your comfort in gaming at the top of our priorities, we made joining the Loyalty Club and redeeming your loyalty points easy for you. From the moment you join the family, you’ll be instantly welcomed into the Loyalty Program with a loyalty card and earn jaw-dropping bonuses. Check out the possible prizes for each level below:  

Different tiers to your Loyalty Club experience! 

As mentioned above, there are multiple levels in the Loyalty Club and each of these tiers has its own mind-blowing rewards and perks. In the table below, find the 7 levels of the Loyalty Club starting from the Beginner up to the Hero tier!   

Member level


Point Requirements


Rakeback %

Level 1


0 points



Level 2


5 points - 3,749



Level 3


3,750 - 29,999 points



Level 4


30,000 - 249,999 points



Level 5


250,000 - 749,999 points



Level 6


750,000 - 3,749,999 points



Level 7


3,750,000 points



Levelling up on your online casino loyalty rewards! 

To step to the next tier in the Loyalty Club, you need to follow certain rules. Here are some things you need to remember to rack up the points you need for the next tier: 

  • To level up, you need to earn loyalty points. You can do this by continuously playing games and placing bets. The bigger your wager, the higher your earned loyalty points. 
  • The points you gain for every game you play depend on the amount you wager. A €1 bet is equal to 5 points. If you level up to tier 6, you can receive 10 points for every €1 wager, giving you a faster way to level up your loyalty and earn higher Rakeback rewards! 
  • Only games played with real money can generate a point. For this reason, the bets you make on the demo versions won’t be counted. 
  • Bets made using cryptocurrency will reward with an associated point. 
  • To give you something to look forward to in your experience with, all points are reset on the first day of every month. This means you have to work hard in reaching your desired loyalty tier before the month ends to get the bonus you desire. This also means you have loyalty perks to look forward to every month! 
  • Free spins and free chip bonuses won’t help you rack up loyalty points, but they can still be used to win real-money rewards on your favourite casino games!
  • Some games don’t rack up points in 


Games that don’t give casino loyalty points 

Not all casino games can help you level up despite them being fun and rewarding in their own way. This is due to the terms and conditions agreed upon with the game providers. 

If your goal is to level up fast in one of the best casino loyalty programs, keep these games in mind: 



Lotus Gaming

All games


All games


Max Quest: Wrath of Ra 2.0, 21 Burn Blackjack, Jacks or Better BSG, Multihand Bonus Deluxe, Pontoon, Single Deck Blackjack, Split Way Royal, Super 7 Blackjack


Blackjack Touch, Blackjack Touch - Single Deck, Jacks or Better Double Up


Max Damage, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Premier Euro Bonus Blackjack Gold, European Blackjack Gold, European Blackjack Redeal Gold, Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold, Premier Euro Blackjack Gold, Premier Hi Lo 13 Euro Blackjack Gold, Premier High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold, Big 5 Blackjack Gold, Jacks or Better, Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold, Spanish Blackjack


Realistic Blackjack, Realistic Hi Lo Blackjack


Dr. Fortuno Blackjack, Sonya Blackjack


Joker Poker Kings, Double Bonus Poker

Asia Gaming

Fish Hunter


Alien Hunter, Fishing God, Fishing War


Tokyo Kombat

Provision Gaming

All games

Loyalty Club perks you should know 

Our 15 years of experience in the casino industry equipped us with the knowledge on indulging our loyal players. Check out the list of perks you would get when you sign up with

Free spins and free chips 

Kickstart your casino gaming and level up your first wager in with our free spins and free chip bonuses. By simply signing up and joining the Loyalty Club, you’ll already be rewarded with free chips and spins you can use to score the jackpots in your favourite slot and high-roller table games

And to amp up the excitement even more, the number of free spins and free chips you receive also increases as you hike up in rank. 

Playing your favourite games has never been this fun and rewarding! For more perks like free spins and free chips, keep your wagers rolling on your top games. 


Get up to 20% Loyalty Rakeback on your bets when you level up your casino loyalty points in The Rakeback values are real-money casino loyalty rewards given back to you from the total percentage of your wagers for the month. 

Much like the free spins and free chips reward, the Rakeback percentage depends on your Loyalty level and the amount you have wagered. Start playing your favourite games to level up fast on your Loyalty at and get a huge percentage of all your wagers back! 

Point multiplier 

Think it’s impossible to reach a million-point mark for the Hero level? No worries! will reward you with a point multiplier to help you reach the next tier faster. 

Every time you reach a milestone in the Loyalty Club, you receive a multiplier applied to your accumulated points. For more details on the point multiplier values you can get, you can check the Loyalty levels table in the next section. 

Points for every bet 

For every game you play in, you earn a point that is then accumulated until you reach the required point for the next level. Level up faster by playing your favourite select games with the highest bet to rack up points faster! Who knows, you might even win the jackpot while doing so. 

Favourite games 

The more you wager on your select casino games, the higher your loyalty points would be. What’s even better is that every type of game can reward you with a loyalty point regardless if it's slots, casual or table games!

No wagering requirements 

All your casino loyalty rewards are real-money and come with no wagering requirements.  

Instant rewards 

Sometimes, a reward feels less like a perk due to the lengthy process you have to go through just to claim them. Luckily, we make playing and earning rewards easy for you here at 

All the loyalty points you receive are instantly directed to your account when you bet on select casino games. Plus, the Rakeback bonuses you earn as you level up in your loyalty are just a few clicks away from getting added to your account balance! 

How to claim your Rakeback Loyalty Club rewards! 

Claiming your Loyalty Club rewards has never been this easy and instant. To claim your Rakeback rewards, all you have to do is follow the two steps below: 

Step 1: Go to your Loyalty page to see what level you are currently on along with the loyalty points you have. The amount of your reward would be shown under the ‘Rakeback’ tab. If it doesn’t show, you can click on the frequently asked question about the Rakeback amount right below your loyalty page. 

Step 2: To add the Rakeback amount to your account balance, click the ‘Add to balance’ button and get your Rakeback rewards instantly!


Loyalty Club FAQs you need to know

What perks would I get when I level up? 

You receive a Rakeback computed based on your perceived losses for the month. The amount you would receive increases the more you level up on your rank. 

What do the multipliers do? 

The multipliers in every loyalty tier multiply your points to their value to increase them and help you reach the next level faster. The higher your level is, the higher your multiplier would be and the easier it would be for you to indulge in the best reward the casino has to offer. 

How does the loyalty program work?

You will earn loyalty points as you play the recognised games in (see the list of games that don’t rack up points on the table above). The more you wager, the higher your points would be. A €1 wager can reward you with 5 points. This will increase the more you level up your loyalty. 

How much Rakeback can I get?

Your reward value would be based on three factors: your Rakeback percentage, the amount you have wagered in your games and the house edge on the games you have played. Since the theoretical house edge is factored in, you will receive Rakeback casino loyalty rewards even if you are on a winning streak. 

Depending on your rank in the Loyalty Club, your Rakeback percentage can range from 5% to 20%.

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