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Place smarter bets using the best Bitcoin roulette strategies

Place smarter bets using the best Bitcoin roulette strategies

Place smarter bets using the best Bitcoin roulette strategies

Mon Feb 28 2022 06:01:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Roulette is undeniably a popular go-to casino games both in online and traditional casinos. Thanks to the advent of cryptocurrency as well as advances in mobile gaming and the internet, a newer and more innovative take on this classic game is now picking up a success too.

If you are a casino player, you have probably played roulette and have an idea how it works. But if you are new to the online casino industry, you’ll be pleased to know that Bitcoin roulette has straightforward gameplay. You don’t have to worry about difficult rules because learning to play roulette is easy.

Today, you’ll discover all the things you need to know about Bitcoin roulette starting from its differences from the traditional one up to its gameplay and the best roulette strategies you can use.

Differences between Bitcoin and traditional roulette

Bitcoin roulettes have the same objective as their traditional counterparts but with some tweaks and improvements. In these games, a ball drops on the spinning wheel with various numbers and stops on a number. Those who bet on a certain number where the ball stopped win the game.

One key difference of Bitcoin roulette from traditional ones is that you won’t have to deal with slow payouts. With traditional casinos, withdrawing your casino winnings will undergo various processes that can take days.

Meanwhile, withdrawing your winnings on Bitcoin roulettes can be processed almost instantly since it won’t require your transaction to go through intermediaries. In addition, you will enjoy greater privacy since you won’t have to hand out your bank information when you use a crypto wallet.

Moreover, Bitcoin roulettes are provably fair so you can assure that there is no cheating, rigging or scamming. The provably fair system allows you to check the game results against the ledger to check the authenticity of the outcomes.

What is Bitcoin roulette?

Your objective when playing Bitcoin roulette is to pick a number or colour on the betting area where you think the ball will land. Take a look at how a classic Bitcoin roulette is played below:

  1. Place one or more bets covering your chosen number, section and colour where you think the ball will land. 
  2. Wait for the betting period to end.
  3. After the betting time is done, watch the ball spin inside the wheel. 
  4. Once the ball lands in a pocket, the winning number, section and colour are determined.
  5. You will win if the bet you placed covers that particular number, section or colour.

However, not all roulettes are the same so you have to take into consideration the type of wheels you are playing on. There are 3 popular varieties of Bitcoin roulette wherein the numbers vary and may affect your gameplay. Check them out below:

  • American roulette: This roulette has 38 pockets with numbers 0-37 and 00 on them. If the ball lands on the zero, you will lose your bet on that number.
  • French roulette: This roulette has 37 pockets with numbers 0-37. If the ball lands on zero, 50% of your bet will be returned.
  • European roulette: This roulette has 36 numbers with 1 zero. If you bet on the zero and the ball lands on it, you will lose your bet and your wager on other numbers too.

Types of Bitcoin roulette bets

The key to playing Bitcoin roulette properly is to know where to place your bets. Just like traditional roulettes, Bitcoin roulettes consist of various types of bets that you can leverage to increase your chances of winning. Here are the types of bets you can wager:

Inside bets

In most Bitcoin roulette games, inside bets are costlier but if the ball landed on these bets, you can get lucrative rewards. Take a look at the inside bets below:

  • Straight Up: Bet directly on any single number including 0.
  • Split Bet: Bet on the horizontal or vertical line between 2 numbers.
  • Street Bet: Bet at the end of any row. This bet covers 3 numbers.
  • Corner Bet: Bet at the corner where 4 numbers meet.
  • Line Bet: Bet at the end and on the intersection of 2 rows. This bet covers both rows, totalling 6 numbers.

Outside bets

Outside bets cover more numbers which increases your chances of landing a win. Since losses are of low risk, payouts are also lower in these bets. Check out the types of outside bets below:

  • Column Bet: Bet on 12 numbers that are grouped in 3 vertical lines.
  • Dozen Bet: Bet on the‘1st dozen’, ‘2nd dozen’ or ‘3rd dozen’ to cover 12 numbers.
  • Red/Black: Bet on any Red or Black box, covering 18 Red and 18 Black numbers.
  • Even/Odd: Bet on ‘Even’ or ‘Odd’ boxes, covering 18 even and 18 odd numbers.
  • Low/High: Bet on numbers 1-18 (Low) or 19-36 (High) to cover the first or second set of 18 numbers.

Bitcoin roulette payouts

The payouts of Bitcoin roulette depends on the type of your bet. Take a look at the payouts of the various wagers below:

Inside bets

Bet Type


Straight Up










Outside bets

Bet Type













Bitcoin roulette betting tips to help you win 

You will benefit from Bitcoin roulette quickly if you know the best betting tips. Check out some of the best Bitcoin betting tips below:

Only play on a reliable platform 

Make sure to only play on reputable and licensed Bitcoin casinos like This way, you won’t be scammed and your assets will be protected. This will eliminate the risk of losing your money and leaking your personal information.

Take advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino

As long as you play with the best casinos like, there are plenty of bonuses and promotions to take advantage of. Check out some of them below:

  • Get cashback and money rewards through Livecasino’s Loyalty club

Once you sign up for an account, you are automatically included in Livecasino’s Loyalty Club. Here, you’ll earn points for playing Bitcoin roulettes. The more points you accumulate, the higher your Loyalty level will be. Depending on your level, you can get cashback and real money rewards.

  • Receive free chips depending on your membership level

Whether you have a Basic, Standard or Premium membership package at, you can get free chips of up to 40 mBTC that you can use to play Bitcoin roulettes!

  • Win mBTC when you play Bitcoin roulette and participate in tournaments

Participating in tournaments by playing Bitcoin roulette from Monday to Tuesday gives you the chance to win up to 40 mBTC every week.

  • Get weekly rebates when you wager in Bitcoin offers Weekly Rebate Bonuses for players who bet with Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits. All the bets you place when playing Bitcoin roulettes are eligible for rebates which you can claim after 7 days.

Try using various Bitcoin roulette strategies

There are plenty of bets you can choose from in Bitcoin roulettes. All of these can be advantageous if you know when to place and how to mix them. That’s why you should place your bets wisely by trying various Bitcoin roulette strategies.

Best Bitcoin roulette game strategies

Sometimes, knowing how to place bets and take advantage of external game factors such as casino bonuses are not enough to secure a win. This is where the best Bitcoin roulette game strategies come in handy! In many cases, these strategies work out well that’s why they’ve become popular. Take a look at some below:

Martingale system

The concept of the Martingale Bitcoin roulette strategy is to stake low and even bets such as Even/Odd, Red/Black and High/Low. If you lose, you have to double your next wager. Otherwise, you bet your initial wager again. The theory of this system is that by doubling your bet, you will earn your previous losses after you win.

D’Alembert System

D’Alembert’s Bitcoin roulette strategy is helpful for players with small bankrolls. Here, you increase your bet by 1 unit after each loss. Once you win, you will drop back by 1 unit. The idea here is to place smaller bets and work your way to higher wins with small risks.

Paroli Strategy

Also known as the Reverse Martingale Strategy, the Paroli system requires you to double your bet every time you win. Once you are on a winning streak or after at least 3 to 4 wins, you have to go back to your original bet. Here, you may win generously as long as you win consistently.

Fibonacci System

Fibonacci is the name of an Italian mathematician who is known for his roulette strategy. In this system, you have to increase and decrease your bets if you win or lose too. However, instead of choosing your own amount to add or reduce, you have to follow a number sequence. The sequence adds the last 2 numbers together just like as follows:

1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233 and so on

Here, you have to move through the sequence after each loss and step back by 2 places after every win. For instance, you bet 1 mBTC but you lose, so you need to bet 1 mBTC again. If you still lose after that, you need to bet 2 mBTC. Once you win, you move back 2 places. Thus, requiring you to bet only 1 mBTC.

The Fibonacci system is easy to use as long as you can quickly calculate the sequence in your head or write the numbers down. This progressive betting system eliminates the risk of poor bet value choices.

Labouchere Strategy

Named after the aristocrat Henry Labouchere, the Labouchere strategy utilizes even money bets. First, you need to think about how much money you want to take home and split this amount into a sequence of smaller numbers. For instance, if you want to win 10 mBTC, then you can split this into 1,2,2,3,1,1.

The sequence will be your betting guide. You will determine your initial bet by adding the first and last numbers together. In this case, your first bet will be 2 mBTC. If you lose, you add the value of your bet to the sequence, giving you 1,2,2,3,1,1,2. The idea behind this is the amount of your bet will compensate for your losses once you win.


Best Bitcoin roulette games you can play

Are you ready to use one of the Bitcoin roulette strategies mentioned above? Check out the best Bitcoin roulette games you can play below:

Classic Roulette

Classic Roulette Details





Minimum Bet

0.05 mBTC

Maximum Bet

500 mBTC

If you are just a beginner, the Classic Roulette is the perfect place to start your Bitcoin roulette journey. The game uses the classic European roulette with 37 pockets. All you have to do is to place your bets and hit the Spin button to release the ball. You won’t be overwhelmed with the bet choices since there are no special bets added.

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro Details





Minimum Bet

5 mBTC

Maximum Bet

1,000 mBTC

OneTouch’s Roulette Pro has the same layout as its Classic Roulette but with a higher minimum and maximum wager starting from 5 mBTC up to 1,000 mBTC. Here, you can place various inside and outside bets such as Basket Bet and Trio Bet.

Roulette High Roller

Roulette High Roller Details





Minimum Bet

25 mBTC

Maximum Bet

2,000 mBTC

If you are feeling lucky and in the mood for higher and more lucrative stakes, try Roulette High Roller! It uses the same European roulette with 37 numbers and the same inside and outside bets can also be wagered. The only difference is that you need to stake a minimum of 25 mBTC up to a maximum of 2,000 mBTC to play.

Start your Bitcoin roulette journey by betting smartly at!

Since Bitcoin roulette is a game of luck, there is no guarantee that you will always win using a particular strategy. However, it does not mean that you should not try some roulette game strategies since they can increase your chances of winning!

As you start your Bitcoin roulette journey, always remember that your goal in casino gambling is to have fun. Be smart when placing bets but don’t lose sight of your objective which is to enjoy the game. is one of the best platforms where you can try your luck and test out the strategies mentioned above. Play Bitcoin roulettes here and watch where the lucrative ball will land!

Words by: Sofia Isabel Martillano

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Place smarter bets using the best Bitcoin roulette strategies

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