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Top Casino Games to Play in 2022

Top Casino Games to Play in 2022

Top Casino Games to Play in 2022

Fri Jan 28 2022 03:32:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

All casino games are not created equal. There are probably millions of games to choose from, but even if you try them out before committing any money, you can still lose an immense amount of time looking for the best online casino gaming experiences.

We've done all the legwork for you, so you can home in on the best casino games from the best online game providers to play in 2022. Let’s explore what types of games are likely to best suit you, as well as give you some tips on what to look out for in a live casino game.

Game Types

It's worth having an understanding of the main types of casino games on the market. If the general concept doesn't appeal to you, then there's little point in trying out games within that segment.

Here’s an overview of the main types of casino games you'll find at an online casino like in 2022 and beyond.


Just like their physical casino counterparts, online slots games are wonderfully diverse, so they appeal to everyone from complete novice players to the most experienced. However, the basic concept is the same.

Each game consists of three or more reels, each containing various symbols. You bet on how the symbols will line up when the reels stop spinning. Before you start playing, however, it is always a good idea to check online slot reviews to get an idea of how they work, their RTP and so on.

Online Table Games

This refers to card games such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette that are traditionally played in land-based casinos. They’re card games that are played against a dealer who represents ’the house’.

With online table games, the dealer is represented by a set of algorithms, but the effect is the same. Cards are drawn from a shuffled pack and you bet on assembling a better hand of cards than the dealer.

Live Casino Games

The latest development in online table games is the use of live streams to facilitate real-time gaming with a human dealer. These are a great combination of online gaming and the real-world thrill of seeing the cards being physically dealt with instead of just generated by an algorithm.

Live dealer casino games have evolved so much that they enable the dealer to address players directly, just as they would in a traditional bricks-and-mortar casino. As you may expect, you get a wide choice of traditional table games such as poker, stud, and many more. Of course, no casino experience would be complete without a roulette table, and this is invariably offered as a live option.

Esports Betting

In recent years, video games have become extremely professional and, consequently, big business. Some of the biggest games in the world of esports are League of LegendsCounter-Strike and Overwatch.

Of course, it didn't take long for people to start noticing the potential for betting on the outcome of individual contests or team competitions. Esports tournaments attract jackpots in the millions, so they shouldn't be dismissed as a niche activity. In common with betting on traditional sports such as horse racing and football, in esports, you bet on the outcome of a specific contest or a tournament.

How to choose the best slots

There are various factors to consider when picking a slot game such as the visuals, game provider and RTP. Here are some things to think about when choosing your slots.

Game Specs

When you play a slot that has a good variety of free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers, you're more likely to enjoy playing it. Of course, the casino wants to attract players, but if you’re going to spend your precious time as well as your hard-earned money playing slots, it's essential that they provide an immersive and thrilling experience.

RTP (Return to Player) Percentage

RTP represents the percentage of the total amount wagered that a slot game will return over time. The percentage is determined by the developer of the game, but the higher the RTP percentage, the greater your chances of winning.

For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, over time, then the game will payout at the right of 96 cents per €1 bet. This means that it would pay out more frequently than a slot with a lower RTP.

Progressive Slots

On progressive slots, the jackpot grows with each bet placed. It continues to grow until a player gets the winning combination of reels. These differ from non-progressive slots which have a maximum jackpot.

There are different kinds of progressive slots. You may come across a stand-alone one, one that's linked to other slot games by the same provider), or even wide-area progressive slots which are linked to video slots that are not owned by a single provider. Bear in mind that stand-alone progressive slots have lower jackpots than linked ones because there are fewer players, so the total amount bet is lower.

Jackpot Prize Size

If you're aiming for a potentially life-changing jackpot win, you should be looking at networked slots. Jackpots can rise into the hundreds of thousands, and it's a good idea to check how long the jackpot has been growing.

However, don't forget that with these bigger jackpots your chances of winning the big one are lower. If you have the budget and the time, it's possible to win huge amounts, but remember to stay within your limits and gamble responsibly.

High Coin Denomination

For more risk-averse players, slots that accept lower-denomination coins can represent less risk, albeit with lower jackpots. For some people, that's perfectly acceptable for a bit of fun with the chance of winning a modest jackpot.

For more ambitious players, betting bigger carries more risk but also gives you the chance of higher rewards, especially in the realm of progressive slots. So, if you are a high-roller looking for a thrilling experience with slot games, then the high coin denomination slots are right for you.

Top 5 Slots

Discover our choice of the hottest slots to be found on that feature something unique on offer. You can play many of them for fun without signing up, but if you want a crack at the real jackpots, you'll have to create an account.

117,649 ways to win: Big Bad Wolf Megaways

Big Bad Wolf Megaways was released by Quickspin in September 2021. It’s the sequel to the original Big Bad Wolf slot from 2012, and with the advances in slot technology, it's even more exciting to play.

The game has the tumbling feature whereby all winning symbols are blown off the screen to make room for new ones. In common with the original version, the standard pig symbols will turn into wilds when you get consecutive wins. Combining classic and original elements, Big Bad Wolf Megaways features six vertical reels and one horizontal one, with 117,649 ways to win.

RTP: 96.14%   Volatility: High

Hold The Jackpot feature: Power of Gods: Hades

Power of Gods: Hades comes to you from Wazdan. It's another September 2021 release and has rapidly gained a great reputation for its amazing artwork and enthralling game engine.

The cascading mechanic means you can reap multiple wins from a single spin. With wilds, scatter, and the Hold the Jackpot feature, there's plenty going on to keep you interested. Add to that the mystery symbols that can turn into any image whatsoever, and you'll be captivated by the gameplay as well as the mesmerising visuals.

RTP: 96.05%   Volatility: High

Win one of three jackpots: 5 Lions Gold

5 Lions Gold comes from one of the biggest gaming software companies around, Pragmatic Play. It was released in May 2019 and it's essentially a revamp of the original 5 Lions. However, its most significant difference from the original version is the opportunity to win one of the three jackpots.

If you’ve played the original game, you’ll instantly feel at home because the game retains its Asian theme and dark blue background. The symbols on the reels also remain unchanged. You have the same cards from 10 to ace, and symbols in the shape of birds, fish, turtles, frogs, and dragons. There are also two special symbols: the lion's head-which is the wild, and the scatter which is represented by the yin yang symbol. Although it has neither a multiplier nor a bonus game, it does have those three jackpots, which helps to keep it interesting.

RTP: 96.52%   Volatility: High

Win over half a million euros: Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza is a joint production from Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom. It's slightly older than some of the other options in our top five, having been released in December 2020. However, you can win by catching three or more identical symbols on one of the 10 pay lines. Bets start at €0.10 and go all the way up to €250 per spin, and you're looking at a potential win of just over half a million euros.

The game has great visuals and fun gameplay, but once you start getting wilds, scatters and other features or special symbols on the screen, the enjoyment rapidly goes up a level.

RTP: 96.71%   Volatility: Medium-High

Low risk with a max bet of 0.80: Miss Cherry Fruits

Miss Cherry Fruits has quickly become a favourite among players since it was released in September 2021 by BGaming. Its beautiful retro artwork and highly immersive game engine endear themselves to slots fans around the world.

The graphics take their cue from the classic fruit slots of yesteryear, but they’ve been given a modern sheen. Miss Cherry Fruits herself evokes classic pinups of the 1950s, and because she is the wild symbol, when she appears on reels two, three, and four, she rewards you with a respin.

With a maximum win of 900x your bet and the maximum bet size of 0.80, Miss Cherry Fruits isn't a game for high rollers. However, if the traditional appearance attracts you, and you're looking for a relaxed low risk and low-reward gaming experience, this is a great option.

RTP: 95.35%   Volatility: Medium

How to choose the best online table games

Some table games can initially seem extremely complicated, sometimes even for experienced players. So what do you need to consider when choosing an online table game as a newcomer, especially? Let’s explore some of the key aspects you should bear in mind.

House Edge

The house edge is the advantage enjoyed by the casino over you. When the house edge is lower, it’s better for your chances of winning.

However, a table game can have a dynamic house edge. This means it varies according to which bets you make. In these cases, before you start playing you should find out which bets have the highest house edge. That way you'll know which bets to avoid and which ones to focus on to maximise your opportunity of winning.

Regional Variations

Although games can be very similar in different parts of the world, sometimes you'll come across local differences that affect the gameplay.

One such example is roulette. On a European roulette wheel, there is only a single zero, but on an American wheel, there are two (zero and double zero). This makes for a considerable difference in your chances of winning. In European roulette, the house edge is typically around 2.70%, but in American roulette, the extra zero pocket bumps the house edge up to 5.26%. This is why you stand a better chance of winning with European roulette, although the American version offers bigger rewards if you guess the correct number.

Ease of Learning

Unless you're a budding student of online table games, you'll probably want to start playing your chosen game as soon as possible, without spending too long learning how to play it.

One of the simplest games to learn is blackjack. The basic objective is to form a hand of cards that equals 21 or is as close as possible to that total without going over.

Playing Style

Every online table game lends itself to a different kind of player. For example, if you enjoy strategy, blackjack is a good option. By contrast, if you're looking for a simpler game with more betting options, roulette could be the one for you.

If you enjoy rolling the dice, craps offer exactly that in addition to plenty of betting options and a low house edge.

Gameplay Options

Whether you're a newcomer to online table games or an expert, you'll always find one to suit. If you're just starting out, or want a more relaxed gaming session, you can usually opt for simpler options in a table game until you're more proficient.

For example, blackjack allows you to play it faster, so you end up trying to complete more hands. A good online table game will usually have a range of options and allow you to implement strategic thinking for online gambling.

Top 5 Online Table Games

Classic Roulette

If you prefer to concentrate on gameplay and your gambling strategy instead of interacting with a live dealer, then it doesn't get much more focused than Classic Roulette.

Naturally, the experience may seem significantly more rudimentary if you're accustomed to live casino games. However, all the information you need is either within the playing area or in the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen. This is the European format of roulette with a single zero, so it makes for some relaxed gaming.

Baccarat 3D

Baccarat 3D could be seen as the predecessor to live gaming. Without any live video feed, you're presented with a 3D computer-generated table and dealer. You still have access to the paytable and some helpful statistics. However, this game is possibly more suitable for experienced players because there is no help function.

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a variant of poker and differs slightly from the classic Texas Hold’em because there's no bet after the river card.

However, the other rules and strategies are exactly the same. If you're already familiar with Texas Hold’em, you'll have no problem at all picking this one up.

Blackjack Classic

Blackjack Classic does exactly as you would expect it to, based on its simple name. You have a clean playing surface, which is viewed from your perspective, so your hand and stake money are at the bottom of the screen. The dealer's hand is at the top.

It's as straightforward as Blackjack gets, but if you need a reminder of the rules, you can simply click on the hamburger menu in the top right of the screen. From the same menu, you can also access settings and language options.

Bombay Club Arsenal F.C. Roulette

This collaboration between Evolution and Arsenal FC, one of the biggest and oldest football clubs in the world, is a relatively new idea.

Being an English club, Arsenal F.C. Roulette is the classic European version with a single zero on the wheel. In our opinion, this looks like an interesting strategy by the game studio to reach out to a wider audience. It makes sense because there are already a number of Premier League and English Football League clubs that have sponsorship deals with online casinos.

How To Choose the Best Live Casino Games

Most of the criteria for choosing a live casino game are the same as for any other, but there's one aspect that's specific to live games. That unique factor is the first one in our list of tips for choosing the best live casino experience.

Streaming Location

As you may expect, production values differ widely between live-streaming casinos. The two most reliable options are those that stream from a real brick-and-mortar casino or a professionally-equipped studio. Both options normally have very high production values, but some players prefer the authenticity of streaming a game from a real casino and not a studio set.

Mobile Compatibility

If your priority is playing live casino games while on the go, then it's important to check out how playable they are before signing up.

Naturally, playing live casino games on a small screen can reduce the atmosphere, but if you can live with that, you need to make sure that all on-screen controls are visible (and usable) and that it streams well over Wi-Fi or data connections.

Return to Player (RTP)

Just like any other casino game, you should consider the probability of winning a jackpot. A higher RTP indicates a better chance of scooping the big one.

All reputable online casinos will publish the RTP of every game in their listings. That way, you can make an informed choice: are you happy to play the long game with perhaps a smaller chance to win a bigger jackpot, or are the thoughts of winning something more important to you than winning a large jackpot? Another thing to keep in mind is the house edge versus the RTP in casinos. This will help you weigh up your options even more.

Betting Amount Limits

As a responsible player, it's essential to find live casino games with minimum and maximum betting amounts that reflect your gambling strategy and your means.

For example, if you're new to online gambling, or to a specific game, it's best to start with games with the lowest possible minimum bet. Sometimes it can take a little time to comprehensively learn how to play a game, so a low minimum bet reduces your potential loss while you're finding your feet. Conversely, if you're aiming to land the biggest possible jackpot, the stakes are always going to be higher, so the maximum betting limit is what you should consider.

Top 5 Live Casino Games

Bombay Club Live Speed Baccarat

Bombay Club Live Speed Baccarat is for the excitement seekers out there. It uses eight decks and follows standard game rules. However, betting and results times are drastically reduced, with each game round being completed in a thrill-packed 27 seconds.

Infinite Blackjack

One of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live Blackjack options, Infinite Blackjack has unlimited seats at the table, four side events, and the Six Card Charlie rule.

At the beginning of the main game, you’re dealt a two-card hand. You then have total freedom to play your hand as you wish.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette is currently one of the biggest live roulette tables in the world. It has also been awarded Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas.

From its captivating visuals through to its highly-multiplied Straight Up bet pay-outs, it stands out from all other roulette games. It increases the interest through its Lucky Numbers lightning strike feature. In each round, up to five numbers are struck by lightning which creates multiplied pay-outs up to approximately 500x.

Craps Live

Craps is already extremely popular in land-based casinos, but if you're new to the game it can appear overwhelmingly complicated. This is where the online aspect comes into its own. This online version features a user interface that makes it easier to play and includes various useful features. Although this version is more accessible, you'll find that the excitement is by no means diminished. Craps Live is set in a specially-designed studio that's made to look like an underground speakeasy.

As usual, the object of the game is to predict the results of rolling two dice. The biggest advantage of playing Craps Live is that you have features such as my numbers, dynamic statistics, and a built-in tutorial if you need some help getting started.

Cash or Crash

Of course, not all live casino games have to be the traditional ones. Cash or Crash is just one example. It's a live game show set on board a blimp. The concept is simple but captivating.

There's a machine that randomly draws red, green or gold balls. You are on a 20-step ladder-style paytable. You only have one bet, But the maximum prize is 50,000x whatever your bet was. Each green ball that emerges from the machine moves you up one step towards that jackpot. However, a red one sends you plummeting downwards. If a gold ball comes out of the machine, a bonus round begins in which decisions are skipped and you're protected from crashing downwards. In this round, you can just watch and hope that those green balls keep getting drawn.

At each step, you have to make a decision: 

  • ‘Take All’ to end the betting round and make your current winnings safe
  • ‘Take Half’ to cash in half your winnings and continue betting with the rest
  • ‘Continue’ to continue playing without splitting your current balance and maximise your potential winnings

How to Choose the Best Esports Betting

In recent years, video games have become serious business, with many major organisations and sports clubs creating their own esports teams to compete worldwide.

This has helped create a new segment of sports betting. However, just like more traditional sportsbook gambling, it helps to understand the options available to you.


With any genre of esport, the most common aspects that can be bet on are the individual winner or winning team, exactly like traditional sports.

However, depending on the specific type of game, you may find other elements that you can wager on. For example, in a game such as Call of Duty, you could bet on who inflicts the highest amount of damage to the opposing team's members or game assets.


Just like with traditional sports, the various channels, or platforms, enjoy exclusivity for specific games.

It's worth researching the major esports platforms to learn which esports are featured on which ones. Platforms to consider include Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and Discord.

Esports Players

It's worth spending some time watching the gameplay of popular esports players before you start betting. you'll be able to learn about their style of playing, their strong and weak points, and their success rates.

That will at least give you a guide, but of course, outcomes are very much influenced by the players themselves rather than algorithms. Always bear in mind that because of the human factor, upsets are always possible. If you're a more adventurous esports gambler, there's the chance of winning an outside bet for a higher reward.

Top 5 Live Esports


Overwatch is a first person game in which each player is assigned to a different hero, each with a unique set of skills. Each hero sits in one of three categories: Damage Heroes, Tank Heroes and Support Heroes.

There's an Overwatch tournament which is called Overwatch League. The first annual tournament took place in 2018 with the prize pool of $3.5 million. 12 months later, it had risen to $3.5 million.

League of Legends

League of Legends is arguably one of the biggest esports on the planet, and it's particularly popular in South Korea. In fact, of the top 10 earners in League of Legends, eight come from South Korea.

This hugely popular game averages around eight million concurrent players at any given time. Because of this, it's highly likely that you'll always be able to find a game in progress that you can bet on period

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Despite having been around for a while, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still has millions of players around the globe.

This is borne out by the wide range of updates that get released For this first-person shooter (FPS) and the significant prize pools its tournaments attract, reaching as much as $1,000,000 in some years.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty could be considered a veteran in the esports world, having made its tournament debut in 2013 with a prize pool of $1,000,000.

Despite the game having been launched in 2003, its viewership is still comparable to that of Overwatch.


Fortnite exploded onto the esports scene and has continued to attract huge numbers of players. As well as the gameplay itself and the huge player versus player battleground, Fortnite also holds special events, including popular celebrities, which draw enormous numbers of players to the game.

Another major factor in its success is the fact that it's free. This broadens the age demographic because even very young players who don't have disposable income to buy a game can take part.

Looking to the Future

With gaming and technology already inextricably linked, The online gaming experience is likely to become increasingly immersive.

We’re going to take a moment now to look at some of the innovations already taking place in the world of online gaming. Hybrid casinos, virtual reality and augmented reality are already providing online casino gaming experiences beyond live streams.

Hybrid Casinos

Hybrid casinos aim to blend the best of both worlds: online gaming and the in-person casino experience.

Hybrid casinos are venues that have terminals where you can play a variety of games online simultaneously. You switch between them with a simple swipe on the screen, just like using a giant tablet. In many games, players can interact through the on board messaging tool.

For the online table games in hybrid casinos, there are physical dealing tables and roulette wheels with human dealers or hosts. The dealers and hosts help to enhance your live experience by inviting you to participate. Typically, you'll be rolling the dice or spinning the wheel.

The dealers often provide entertainment or act as hosts for the live acts such as musicians and dancers. Enormous screens at the front of the arena help to keep players informed about what's going on around the room and stream live sporting events. They also announce major jackpot wins with huge fanfare and on-screen graphics.

The dealers or hosts can also switch the mood of the venue at the press of a button. This enables them to create a different kind of energy in the room according to the time of day or the type of event that they’re hosting. For example, at night, a high energy club-like atmosphere may be required, but when hosting a corporate gaming event, a more sedate mood could be more appropriate to enable colleagues to communicate with each other.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

VR online casino gaming is a natural extension of live streaming. Instead of being tied to a mouse and keyboard, or to a screen, you don a virtual reality headset and use handheld VR controllers.

Instead of the hybrid casino experience we've just described, VR gaming keeps you online, but you get to interact virtually with the games. For example, you could be rolling the dice or turning over your cards. It also makes it possible for you to have an even more immersive gaming experience by virtually putting you inside the game, as opposed to interacting with it from the outside.

Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming

A 2020 survey of around 8,000 British adults by the UK Gambling Commission revealed that approximately 75% accessed online gaming on phones or tablets.

Although augmented reality gaming on mobile devices is still in its infancy, those survey results signpost exciting potential for more engaging mobile casino gaming.

Plenty to choose from, plenty of fun to be had!

Of course, almost any event or activity can be bet on. What we've tried to do is present you with our top picks on a wide variety of casino games, and help you understand how to choose the best fit for you.

That variety helps to bring in a wider range of players, of which some may have no interest in traditional casino games whatsoever. It makes sense that online casinos include an excellent variety of gaming options and that they continue to innovate.

Top Casino Games to Play in 2022

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