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Crypto Con to include blockchain poker tournament

Crypto Con to include blockchain poker tournament

Crypto Con to include blockchain poker tournament

Sat Dec 19 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

With there being increased interest in how crypto betting can become a part of the very fabric of casinos worldwide, there will be more eyes looking at the World Crypto Con held in Las Vegas this year, as it confirmed it will be hosting a blockchain poker tournament.

As it becomes more mainstream to hear about crypto gaming and bitcoin betting, having some of the world leading gaming complexes discuss how they can add this to their portfolio is an exciting development for those waiting for it all to kick in.

The event is expected to bring luminaries from all over the world and is targeted at those who want to see the latest developments in gaming technology, as well as the business leaders and partners who need to be persuaded of its merits.

The convention will also mark the tenth anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on bitcoin, which has heralded in a new era in terms of how we perceive digital currencies and financial transactions.

In a world first, there is also going to be a blockchain poker tournament, which will be seen as a measure of just how much the technology has progressed in the last few years, enabling a whole host of hybrid interactions to be developed.

How this fares in the kinds of casinos viewed in Las Vegas, only time will tell, but for one of them to be hosting a poker game facilitated by blockchain shows that huge steps are being taken.

It will be of interest to Japanese casinos looking to implement something similar, with many online Japanese casinos looking into how people can engage in crypto gaming and bitcoin betting. There is a clear rush to be seen as the ones who are getting ahead and offering the latest technologies in the sector, and the fact this is making its way worldwide will provide confidence to investors in the circuit.

Although there has been no official word of how this tournament will work from the organizers, there will be the opportunity for many present and watching online to see how this works in real time.

Crypto Gaming

One of the main conference aims is to explore crypto gaming further and, by bringing in famous names from the world of poker, it is set to add further credence to the argument it is clearly entering the mainstream.

Even though it is expected that there will be some mistakes along the way, ushering in a new format of playing casino games will be an important, watershed moment for the industry. Also, by figuring out what hurdles still remain, in front of an interested audience, it will allow people to see what still needs to be changed and how this can be brought into wider acceptance more quickly.

Blockchain is expected to benefit online poker players by stopping aspects such as poker bots who can win by spotting patterns and holding places. It should also lead to increased randomness as it removes kinks from the server.

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Crypto Con to include blockchain poker tournament

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