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First crypto IPO announced by Epoch Partners Limited in Japan

First crypto IPO announced by Epoch Partners Limited in Japan

First crypto IPO announced by Epoch Partners Limited in Japan

Tue Dec 22 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The firm, based in the Cayman Islands is offering an IPO based on cryptocurrencies and digital funds and will be its first foray into crypto raising in Japan.

Their move comes as interest in cryptocurrencies begins to gather pace, with technology starting to catch up with the kinds of capabilities which make digital currencies so useful and practical.

They have also confirmed that their offering is fully registered with the disclosure system for the Japanese Financial Service, called EDINET, and was finalised at the end of September.

Japan and Worldwide

It is already possible to begin investing in the fund, which equates to some $900million, and the aim is for the level of subscription to allow the company to begin further investments into crypto platforms in Japan and worldwide, which may include crypto games and crypto betting.

As well as this, Epoch Partners Limited are looking to invest what they raise from their IPO into more digital currencies, and investment vehicles that are attached to these and are seeking additional liquidity in the crypto market.

Part of their desire is to reduce the volatility of cryptocurrencies, which have been well documented in their troubles to make them appear as a stable and attractive investment for bearish traders, many of whom have been scared off by a market that has yet to maintain its place for months at a time.

Many emerging markets are suffering from a similar issue, and it is hoped that by delivering more initial coin offerings (ICOs) as well as investment platforms, they will start to eke out the kind of stability that will enable major investment and allow crypto to be a major market player.

The fund will be marketed by a company called Teneo Partners, who are based in Tokyo. They are a securities firm that will be selling the fund themselves to their clients, alongside a range of other securities they already have on their portfolio.

One of the partners at Epoch, James Skinner, hailed the fact that “Japan has been a leader in the cryptocurrency and digital currency space”. He said they can be seen as a “world pioneer in this area” thanks to the country being “the first market to create a proper regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies”.

This is why Skinner says they are “very keen to undertake the world’s first public offering of a cryptocurrency fund in Japan”, and notes that “the asset class is still young, but the movement to more institutional players like Goldman Sachs and Nomura entering the space shows the great potential of this area”.

Skinner believes that “in the future, digital assets are likely to become an integrated part of investment portfolios, similar to equities and fixed products income today, albeit on a smaller scale”.

This move from Epoch Partners Limited is just one of a series of developments happening around crypto in Japan this year, a trend that looks set to continue.

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First crypto IPO announced by Epoch Partners Limited in Japan

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