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Guide to strategic thinking in online gambling

Guide to strategic thinking in online gambling

Guide to strategic thinking in online gambling

Thu Jan 07 2021 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Strategic thinking is typically considered to revolve around long-term planning and feeds into the idea that things tend to turn out better if you plan for achieving results in advance. While planning is used in a number of ways in the world, particularly by businesses to expand and prosper over a number of years, it can also be used by individuals, such as when using online casinos.

By considering how you might be able to introduce a number of processes and measures to track how a long-term approach works, you will start to make beneficial improvements to your online gambling outcomes. That means gradually getting strategies in place that allow you to notice changes in results, and then to begin to tweak your gambling strategies. By keeping some variables the same and changing others, it gives you a better indication of what works and what does not, and therefore allows you to develop strategies that are more rewarding.

Strategic thinking requires several skills in order to effectively carry it out. You have to be able to clearly define your objectives, and have a clear idea of what results you are looking to produce each time you play online roulette or one of the many other games available at a Japanese online casino. 

Flexibility is also very important, and adhering to a rigid structure will mean there are some improvements you could make that you may miss just because they do not fit into a strict strategy. To enable good results in online gambling over the long term through this approach requires an ability to allow some things to happen to see how they work out, and not to be too concerned if they do not completely fit the schedule you have set.

Learning from experiences is also key to delivering strategic thought to your online gambling aims, and this will help to create a better instinctive approach to each bet you place, such as in live dealer games. Your perceptions will be shaped by all of your previous results, so when working towards certain goals, you will be able to do it more instinctively by the end of the process and not have to refer back to notes and targets you have set yourself.

As with all forms of investing, being able to remove the so-called emotional side of risking capital from the actual procedure will greatly improve any chance of a long-term strategy paying off, because you will follow a structure rather than swinging from format to format based solely on a hunch. That means learning to control how you react to specific outcomes, such as a heavy loss at an online casino. If it means that although the loss is not a good outcome, it is learned from, and steps are taken to stop it from happening again, it will lead to you becoming more successful at online gambling.

Short-term measures are typically popular because they can sometimes bring instant positive results, and inevitably that is always attractive with any type of investment. However, that kind of strategy can stop you from progressing because it is much harder to learn from, and means it is more difficult to repeat any gains in the long term. One of the main positives for adhering to strategic thinking and setting long-term goals is that it should provide much greater consistency, and therefore ensure better results.

Being able to spot trends is one of the ways that many businesses and individuals are able to get ahead in life, as they reach an objective before anybody else. The same idea can apply here, as online gambling techniques combined with strategic planning have seen big wins for those who have been able to apply it effectively, much like businesses who have become market leaders by following the right trends.

Strategic thinking also differs from the more conventional ways of thinking in relation to how quickly you can react to something. Those who can react to change quickly will secure the best results. 

How you go about your gambling is also worth thinking about in depth. If certain types of online gambling are offering better returns, such as casino baccarat games, or different ways of funding play, such as by using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, are more convenient, focussing on such areas rather than spreading your efforts around is beneficial. 

Trying new things is also important, as those who tend not to apply strategy to their gambling are also more likely to stick to what they know. While that is fine if you do not intend to do anything more than some irregular betting, being able to branch out and test different opportunities may lead you to results you would never expect, and may help you to find better routes that have a greater return for the amount of money and time you spend on gambling.

While you would expect games such as poker to involve a lot of strategic thinking - and the leading players use that to gain an advantage over opponents - it also applies to many other casino games you can play in any casino online or in a physical location. From live dealer games, blackjack online to online roulette, all formats can be considered with a strategic approach to help you gain an advantage, whether that is against the house, other players, or both.

It is well known, for example, that it is possible to count cards in some way when playing blackjack games, and although the practice is frowned upon in physical casinos, there is no way to prevent it when playing online.

Similarly, although it can be said that although roulette games are completely random in their outcome, statistics show that over a certain period you will always end up with something close to the odds. That means that although you cannot predict the next number, or colour, by following the last ten spins, if you were able to look at the last 500, the outcome could become a lot clearer.

Figuring out where to begin 

By focusing on the games you already know most about, it is a lot easier to implement small changes because you are not having to learn the whole game and all of its rules at the same time. On that basis alone, it makes a lot of sense to apply strategic thinking to cases where you already have an idea of what easy changes you could make and measure the result of. Of course, that is not to say that if you do not know all the ins and outs of something that you should not try it, but it will require more strategic planning and therefore may not be the best place to start.

That said, there are some easy places to start gathering ideas before you create your first plan. There are many videos and case studies out there of people who have successfully used baccarat strategy for just one example, and are confident enough in their abilities to want to show others.

By seeing what other people do, it will give you a good idea of how to approach things. While this is most often seen from professionals in the poker scene, it is still possible to find individuals showing off their favourite strategies when it comes to playing baccarat online, or any other table and card games you are most interested in.

However, this idea does come with a word of warning. Given that you are looking to apply your own strategic thinking here, it is best not to get too caught up with following somebody else’s strategies to the letter. By all means consider how they do it and whether it is something you could follow, but it is always important to have your own vision for what long-term plan you have in mind. Therefore, if you can find a happy medium that allows you to learn from some of the best strategies and apply your own thoughts to them, you can borrow from the experiences of others and find a great starting point for you to formulate a plan and decide upon a pattern to follow.

Reading articles and books is also a great way to find new ideas, and not everything has to be through video formats. Some of the older, more tried-and-tested methods could still prove interesting, and may even give you the chance to pick up on something that everyone has forgotten about as the trends change. Getting a range of strategies from different eras also helps to paint a picture of how strategic thinking has changed over the years, and will even give you indications of where it may move next.

Not all efforts to implement this kind of thing will work so well with every type of game, and it is necessary to develop different strategies for different games if you decide to play more than one at a Japanese online casino. For example, baccarat rules mean there is less strategy that can be applied to the game than there is for a blackjack online game, as there are more variables that come into play.

When it comes to online blackjack, there is a lot more scope to figure out patterns than there is when you go to a brick and mortar casino - it is not generally regarded as acceptable behaviour in those places, simply because the casinos can lose so much when the practice is successful. If you are watching a live blackjack stream, rather than a digitally generated one, it is possible to try this kind of approach.

While it is accepted that much gambling strategy has already been covered intensely over the years, there is little to suggest that this means that is the end of it, and that there is no point in trying new ways of playing. That is the whole point of strategic thinking, to be as innovative as you can be and to think outside the box. 

It is likely that before individuals were able to pull off some of the well-documented wins of a gambler against the casino that their methods were unknown to the public, however, following their success their stories became famous and the strategies used began to be talked about. Therefore, it is not best practice to assume that just because there is no evidence to prove you can do this or that, that it is not necessarily true. It just may not have happened yet.

Through your own experiences you will begin to get a much clearer idea of what works in gambling scenarios, and draw upon what has worked for others to develop your own instincts, which are likely to work much better for you than would blindly following the words of someone else. Once you have a personal plan in place that has been specially tailored for how you like to gamble, it becomes much easier to use and test out.

While poker, and sports betting, have become two of the most popular choices for gambling because of the high rewards and the various strategies you can use, it is also possible to use playing strategies for other games as well. You can even try and lift some of the tactics from the successful gambling strategies to use in different fields. Both of these examples have similarities in that those who achieve the biggest success from gambling on them are able to spot the clearest patterns in everything that has gone before. 

It is fair to say that spotting patterns is not so hard in some areas, such as when certain cards appear, but this does not mean that an outcome is guaranteed. By adding strategic thinking into your analysis, you have a much better chance of entering the market at the right time, knowing when to twist or stick, for example. Just because you know you are due a good card does not mean somebody else is or is not, and you have to understand the odds stacked against you to get consistently good results.

That also applies when looking further down the line when you are playing. There is a result in front of you, but knowing how that will affect what happens later is where the biggest payoffs can be gained. That becomes part of a wider opportunity to find success in your online gambling, and can even mean that you are less bothered about a bad result because you have analysed your data according to your plan, and expect a series of good outcomes to arise as a result. If you can manage the experiences in this way, it is a lot more positive than allowing negative energies to occur every time there is a loss, as this can quickly and easily derail your strategy.

After all, the most unorthodox strategies have often been seen to lead to the best results, and it is always worth remembering that they only seem unorthodox because nobody has done them before. Once something new and unusual has been demonstrated to work a number of times, it becomes common practice and is accepted into the mainstream.

One other way of looking at this is that by investing your time now, in learning, for example, baccarat rules and blackjack rules, rather than by risking your money through lack of knowledge in a relatively scattergun approach, you are laying the foundations for better results in the future. Knowledge of rules and strategies enables you to have more consistency in your outcomes. The time spent studying  suddenly becomes worth it and the hard work pays off. Some games, particularly poker, pit you against opponents as well as the casino house, and the more complex games require more study of gameplay and strategy. That said, there are more variables to play with and this can make it more interesting as you try and apply different strategies when there is much more unpredictability. 

If you find your strategic thinking actions are working in your favour, it suggests you are learning well, and your instincts are being honed. 

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Guide to strategic thinking in online gambling

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