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All About House Edges in Live Casinos

All About House Edges in Live Casinos

All About House Edges in Live Casinos

Fri Dec 11 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Live casinos work in two simple ways. When you win a game, they pay you. When you lose a game, they take your winnings from the bet you made. It is a give-and-take situation whether you are playing slots or table games.

All these games have what casinos call a ‘house edge’. It varies from one game to another.

What is a House Edge?

Also known as house advantage, the house edge determines the average payout of a game. You can use this to see which games give the best player returns. The house edge in live casino games is defined by the game itself so it varies.

How Does House Edge Work?

To ensure that casinos make money from every bet you place on them, they use the house edge. This built-in advantage is the casino’s average profit from a player’s bet. 

The higher the house edge is, the better it is for the casino. It only means that they get a higher percentage from the bet of the players. The lower the house edge is, the better it is for the players. This means that they have higher chances of getting payouts from the games with lower percentages.

Lowering the House Edge

Lowering the house edge is the dream for most players. However, you cannot drastically lower it. You can do simple ways to take advantage of it instead.

Make use of casino bonuses and promotions so you can benefit from the house edges. They give you more opportunity to win on top of your own deposits. When you lose using these bonuses, your original bet remains the same and does not negatively affect your profit.


Live casino games highly rely on chance winnings. You can use skills on some table games like poker and blackjack to increase the possibility of winning. They have certain strategies that players use to have more potential of getting luck on their side. For example, Blackjack has a card-counting strategy to predict the probability of cards that they can use to their advantage.

Games and Their House Edges

Slots and table games all have house edges. Some have lower edges, some have higher ones. Blackjack is a table game known to have a low percentage. It averages on a 1.5% house edge so players have improved chances to win.

Baccarat also has an average of 1.5% house edge. With the right use of strategy, you can win this game. Three Card Poker also boasts the same house edge. Its payouts vary according to the cards of the dealer.

Slots have higher edges as opposed to table games. It can range from 2% to 10%. To reduce this, you can take advantage of the features that a slot game offers such as free spins and bonus rounds.

Use Your Knowledge

Deciding which game to play depending on the house edge is a wise move, most especially for casual players. It tells you the most profitable games. You can use this knowledge to your advantage so you can avoid losing more than you gain while enjoying the game. 

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All About House Edges in Live Casinos

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