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Stop, Look and Listen: How to Play Keno

Stop, Look and Listen: How to Play Keno

Stop, Look and Listen: How to Play Keno

Fri Nov 06 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Keno is a classic lottery-type game originating from China. It can be played by choosing your lucky numbers between 1-80 and waiting for those numbers to ‘hit’. Throughout the years, this simple gameplay has allowed Keno to survive changing trends and emergence of modern games.

There is no one strategy for winning in Keno because it is a game that relies heavily on luck. To play it, the numbers you chose must match with the 20 random numbers drawn out by the machine. If your number gets drawn, then you win! 

In Keno, you can customize your betting options to fit your preference. You can decide how many numbers to wager on, the amount of the wager and whether to attach multipliers or not. All options come with corresponding betting amounts and payouts. The more numbers you place your bet on, the more chances of them getting ‘hit’!

To start playing Keno you must first purchase a Keno card. Traditional Keno is played by marking your chosen numbers on your Keno card while balls with imprinted numbers spin around a plastic container. As the balls spin, 20 are drawn and called out. 

Payouts in Keno also depend on how many numbers you chose and how much you wagered on each number. You can receive higher payouts when you match more numbers to those drawn out.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can start playing Keno:

  1. Pick your numbers from the Keno board. How many numbers you can bet on depends from one casino to another but generally, you can place your bets on a minimum of 1 number up to a maximum of 20.
  2. Place bets on each number. The amount of each is up to you!
  3. Watch patiently as the balls are drawn from the circular containers and wait to see if your chosen numbers match.
  4. If you managed to ‘hit’ matching numbers, you can proceed to collect your wins!

There are also different types of Keno bets you can wager on if you want to make the game more exciting. These following bets will give you the opportunity to win bigger prizes:

Straight Bets - This is the most common type of betting in Keno. Some casinos allow betting on as many as 40 numbers in a straight bet.

Way Bets - With this type of wager, you can bet on several groups of numbers, either by the pre-assorted number combos provided or from your own selected groups of numbers. This type of betting is trickier to keep track of, but it does allow you to consistently win small amounts.

Split Bets - This bet allows you to bet double on multiple groups of numbers in the same game.

Top/Bottom Bets - Players can choose to wager on groups of numbers above or below 40. They can also wager whether all the balls will be drawn from the bottom or the top.

Odd/Even Bets - Players can choose to wager on groups of odd or even numbers. They can also wager whether all the balls will be drawn from odd or even. 

Combination Bets - This type of betting combines different types of bets. It involves combinations of 2 or more numbers. If all numbers in a combo are drawn, then the player receives higher payouts depending on the odds given by the casino. Each combo bet costs a full betting unit. 

Simple and entertaining, Keno is a game that’ll have players like you coming back for more! Other variants of Keno are available for you to try such as Jackpot Keno or Video Keno. 

Other than Keno, there are a plethora of diverse games originating from different parts of the world that you can learn such as Uta-GarutaAndar Bahar and Menko. Keep exploring these unique games and you might stumble upon a new favourite! 

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Stop, Look and Listen: How to Play Keno

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