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How to Play Lightning Dice Live

How to Play Lightning Dice Live

How to Play Lightning Dice Live

Mon Oct 19 2020 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Get struck by the lightning of quick and instant wins in Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice Live. Experience a thrill like no other with multipliers and fast-paced betting and get the chance to cash-in instant rewards of up to 1,000x your bet at a drop of the dice.

You won’t have a hard time understanding how to play Lightning Dice Live because the mechanics are as simple and straightforward as counting the fingers on your hands. The main objective of Lightning Dice Live is to bet on the outcome of the roll of 3 dice, with 16 possible outcomes, betting options and payouts at hand. 

It’s a unique game packed with exhilarating action and combined elements from popular casino games such as slots, Roulette and Baccarat!

Lightning Dice Rules

Lightning Dice’s straightforward set-up and quick flashes of instant gratification make for an addicting experience of pure entertainment. The simple dice game is played with 3 dice of 1-6 face value. Players can bet on 16 spots, ranging from 3 to 18. The numbers displayed on the table are the sums of the outcome of all 3 dices and come with random multipliers, ranging from 5x to 150x. 

Each of the numbers on the table displays a multiplier value that elaborates the payout you will receive if you win the bet. 

After the players have placed their bets on a possible outcome, Lightning Dice Live’s most exciting feature comes next. When lightning strikes the table, 2 to 3 betting spots’ multipliers will supersize up to 1,000x! The strikes are all random and with no definitive pattern. 

After the multipliers are adjusted to their random values, the dealer drops the 3 dice down the Lightning Tower. When it reaches the bottom, the three face-up numbers on the dice are added. If the sum of the three outcomes equals the betting spot you chose, then you win the bet and your payout is added to the multiplier attached. 

The winning numbers on the bottom right-hand of the screen display the three most recent winning betting options. 

How to Win in Lightning Dice

Like most table casino games, Lightning Dice operates principally on luck and chance and there’s virtually no control factor or strategy that can guarantee you a win. The most you can do is take a guess at the correct winning number and hope that lightning strikes fast. 

This doesn’t stop players from formulating tactics or strategy, however, no matter how simple they may be. Some players keep track of all winning numbers and betting spots regularly struck by lightning and deduce their next bet depending on those figures. 

Other players opt to use the Bet On All Button that allows them to place bets on all spots. This tactic operates on the chance that a big multiplier will strike one or two betting spots that will guarantee players a return. 

There’s no method that proves more effective than the other. In its core, Lightning Dice is a game of chance and lucky strikes of lightning. No matter how you choose to approach the game, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and good luck!

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How to Play Lightning Dice Live

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