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How to Play Teen Patti

How to Play Teen Patti

How to Play Teen Patti

Mon Oct 26 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Literally translating to ‘three hands’ in Hindi, Teen Patti is an Indian card game where players are dealt with three cards each before comparing hands. You win if your hand is higher compared to the other players who didn’t fold.

Though often called India’s version of poker, Teen Patti actually finds its ancestry rooted in the 16th-century British card game called Three-card brag. In this game that dates back to the medieval age, players are dealt three cards and they either bet or fold. Whoever holds the best hand wins and takes the pot, which is essentially how winners are determined in Teen Patti as well.

The game’s popularity skyrocketed in 2013 when Octro Gaming made Teen Patti playable online. Before the app, the card game wasn’t known all over India. Now, not only is it India’s favourite card game, but it is also enjoyed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

How the Game Works

Prepare the game materials before starting to play Teen Patti. You’ll need a deck of playing cards with the jokers removed, poker chips for betting, 2 or more players, and a dealer. 

Players decide on the minimum bet before contributing to the boot. The dealer is chosen at random and they deal 3 cards to each player starting from their left. You can choose to leave your cards facing down and play Blind or you can look at your cards before betting and play Seen. If you choose to play Blind, you can still decide otherwise and peek at your cards anytime during the game.

After the cards are dealt, the betting begins. The amount you’re going to bet depends on whether you’re playing Blind or Seen. Seen players have to stake twice the amount of the Blind players’s bet.

If you’re a Blind player, you place your bet and the next player places theirs. If you’re a Seen player, you either place double the bet or fold. The betting round ends if all players except one fold their cards and they take home the pot, or when two players remain.

The cards of the two players are then compared and whoever has the better hand wins. If both players have the same hand, the Blind player wins. 

How Hands are Ranked

Aces are the highest in the game while twos are the lowest. Each player is given 3 cards. The strength of their sets depend on how high they rank in the game’s hands. See them here:

  • High Card - The weakest hand; consists of 3 cards from different ranks and suits
  • Pair - Consists of two cards of the same rank and another card 
  • Colour or flush - Includes three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence
  • Sequence or straight - Consists of three consecutive cards from different suits
  • Pure sequence or straight flush - Made up of three consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Trail or trio - The highest-ranking hand; consists of three cards of the same rank.

A Game of Peek-a-Boo

Teen Patti is often called India’s 3-card poker for a good reason. The hands are similar and its gameplay doesn’t steer far from the heated poker game played in the green felt table. The difference lies in the two kinds of players who can choose to look at their cards or not. With three cards instead of 5, Teen Patti is easier to play compared to poker, though both keep the thrill alive especially when the pot keeps stacking up. 

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How to Play Teen Patti

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