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How to Play Three Card Poker Live

How to Play Three Card Poker Live

How to Play Three Card Poker Live

Wed Nov 18 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Poker is a timeless table game favourite be it on land casinos or online casinos. Because of its fun and easy nature, poker is a game that players keep coming back to. Other than its exciting gameplay, poker offers different variants you can enjoy.

Three card poker is a well-known variant of poker. Other than its simple gameplay, it can generate big payouts that you can take home if luck’s on your side. Since three card poker is a relatively easy game to get familiar with, it won’t take you more than five minutes to learn the ropes.

Most people confuse 3 card poker with Texas Hold ‘Em. Three card poker is usually played with three cards while texas holdem is usually played with five cards.

To play three card poker, the game will begin with a player placing an ante wager. The player must have a hand or a pair ready. The three cards will be placed faced down to all the players present in the table along with the dealer. Your focus should be on the dealer and not the other players.

The wager you should place should be equal to the amount of the ante wager. The combination you have at hand will determine if you will go on with the bet. According to poker experts, the best strategy for this is to play hands that are better than Queen, Six, and Four.

If one of the players folds during the game, the hand is over and the dealer will accumulate all the player’s ante wagers along with his or her pair plus wager. However, if a player bets a play wager, the cards will be revealed so the dealer can determine if the player has a better combination.

In the event that the dealer is in possession of Jack-high or lower, the player’s wager will be returned. If the dealer has a better hand, both the players’ wagers and ante wagers will be paid out at 1 to 1. 

If the dealer has a higher hand, both the ante and play wager will be collected.

While all these rules can be understood easily, it’s still better if you practice three card poker before playing in live casinos. Visit online casino sites where you can practice three card poker or variants of the game.This way, you can ensure a fun experience while making the best of your wagers!

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How to Play Three Card Poker Live

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