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How to make the most out of your EOS

How to make the most out of your EOS

How to make the most out of your EOS

Fri Oct 23 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

EOS is steadily rising in the crypto market and you can attain EOS tokens by trading. Many projects operate using EOS due to its known smooth transaction process. Use this crypto token to your advantage as well when you start trading!

Thanks to EOS buyers, its price was raised by up to $4 and the number of transactions it can do per second is in its thousands. EOS can be bought, sold or traded on sites and it’s been performing well since it was released as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

EOS is called a utility token, which is a coin that allows you to access services used by the project. Its value in the crypto market is influenced by the projects people invested in and other crypto coins linked to it. 

Get your own EOS token by either buying it through an exchange or trading it with derivatives. Using the latter method lets you trade for EOS at your preferred optimum based on the price and/or date. 

A Platform to Trade EOS Tokens

Below are the sites/apps you can use to trade EOS:

  • AvaTrade: Create an account on AvaTrade and you can buy your EOS using fiat money. You can then trade by buying or selling EOS with other users.
  • Bitmex: It uses a Futures Contract as its derivative and lets you predict the value of EOS. You can use Bitcoins to trade for EOS. 
  • Binance: Trade at the best time by observing the graph Binance presents you about the growth of EOS. It’s highly trusted and performs over a million orders per second. 
  • CoinCodex: Before you trade, you can check a real-time comparison between the prices on CoinCodex. 
  • HitBTC: This is a platform where you can trade your crypto coins to EOS in a smooth transaction.

Investment Strategies

Use these strategies to trade EOS at the best time for you:

  • Day Trading: This is a short-term plan of buying and selling EOS then closing by the end of the day.
  • Scalping: You take small profits every now and then while EOS grows. 
  • Swing Trading: Anticipate the most favourable point where you can swoop in and collect your EOS.  
  • Position Trading: Trade it when its value is high based on the market’s trend and it can benefit you in the long run.

Start Building Your Funds on EOS 

Minimal inflation, quick transactions, and no extra fees—trading in EOS is convenient and straightforward. Once you’ve traded EOS tokens using crypto coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can enjoy the services and projects it offers!

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How to make the most out of your EOS

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