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Online gambling for newcomers: making a smooth start

Online gambling for newcomers: making a smooth start

Online gambling for newcomers: making a smooth start

Mon Jan 11 2021 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The most important thing to remember about online casinos is that they are very much like a brick and mortar gaming house. If you’ve ever visited one, you’ll know what to expect. Players place a stake using money from their account, then the house will use a random number generator to provide an outcome, or if a live dealer game is chosen, the results will be visible through a streamed feed.

Whether you are an experienced real life gambler, or you are completely new to the pastime, signing up to a Japanese online casino is a thrilling experience. To make the most of your money and time, it makes sense to shop around for a reliable house that offers everything you need. They vary wildly regarding bonuses, games and security, but if you do a little research, you’ll be sure to pick a winner.

How to sign up

When you’ve found a site that fulfils your requirements, the next step in your online gambling career is to open an account. As online casinos are keen to acquire as many clients as possible, the sign-up process is relatively straightforward, and the initial stage can be completed in just a few minutes. To get started, begin by navigating to the homepage, then look out for a link prompting you to ‘Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up’. Once you’ve clicked the button, you’ll be asked to input your details. If you’re not keen to do so, choose a bitcoin casino as they often open new accounts with just an email address. When you’re finished opening an account, it’s time to explore the site.

Get more experience with play for free offers

To attract new customers and to get them familiar with the software, most sites provide the option to play a few games for free. That gives you a chance to find your way around and learn more about what you can expect, before parting with any real money. Your free plays won’t earn you any money, but you’ll get a better idea of whether you want to return and invest your cash in a full account.

Accepting or rejecting bonuses

Virtually all Japanese online casinos have designed a selection of bonuses to tempt in new players. Without the overheads incurred by a physical establishment they can afford to offer more incentives, but it’s important for newcomers to find out exactly what they are agreeing to when accepting a bonus. Unfortunately, you don’t just claim your bonus, head off to make a few wagers and then cash out any winnings. However generous they may appear to be, each bonus comes with a range of wagering requirements which must be carried out before you can make a withdrawal.

You may be offered a welcome bonus just for signing up, or a deposit bonus when funds are placed in your account, or a reload bonus for paying in more cash after you’ve been playing a while. These can look spectacularly generous, but it is only once you have become familiar with the betting requirements that you’ll know if the bonus is worth accepting. Bonus offers may need to be wagered 80 times over, and if that is not within your budget, then it’s not a valuable deal.

You might also look into how a bonus is credited to you; is it automatic or are you expected to go through various steps to get the cash? If claiming a bonus is complex, it may be one to avoid. At any good house, there is no attempt to hide the terms and conditions, so take the time to read through the details and get in touch with their customer support team if you feel unsure about anything.

What games do you like to play?

The majority of players have favourite games and styles of play, so see what is on offer before opening an account. Some have lots of choices, while others prefer to curate their collection based on quality alone. A quick glance around most reveals that slots pop up almost everywhere, but for more traditional players there are table games like online roulette, blackjack and poker. These work in the same way as they do in land-based venues, but because there is plenty of space for everyone online, you’ll find far more variants.

If you have mastered your baccarat strategy when playing with friends, for more of a challenge you could try American Baccarat, Baccarat en Banque or European Baccarat. Along with the range of games in the casino’s portfolio, think about the type of games you enjoy playing and see if they are on offer, then check that within that group there is enough variety.

Many players gravitate toward the live dealer games which are streamed to your device through a webcam.

To add to the interactivity, there is a chat function which connects players with the dealer. In the early stages, it’s a great idea to type in any questions you may have so they can provide a spoken response. There may even be the chance to join in discussion with other players, giving you the opportunity to learn from their experience.

On every website, there are rules that are in place to keep things running smoothly. They are simple to follow and will often be available in the FAQ section. However, there are also rules which relate to games, and they can be trickier to follow, especially if you’re new to the venue. By taking the time to read through carefully before placing any money, you give yourself a better chance of victory. While you’re still learning, work your way up to the higher stakes with smaller bets that won’t make a huge dent in your wallet. Then, once you’ve acquired more knowledge and feel confident, you can embark on riskier strategies.

Check the banking and payment rules

The most rewarding thing about gambling is collecting your winnings at the end of a profitable streak. That’s why it is important to find out how money is paid out, the length of time it will take until you receive your funds and what payment methods are used.

Each website accepts different currencies, so check whether your preference is on their list. If you plan to use a cryptocurrency, then you’ll also need to check that they accept virtual currency. Where they are available bitcoin transactions are often free as no third-party is involved, but bank and credit card transfers can incur a fee, so learn more about those beforehand.

Regarding banking methods, some are more popular in certain regions, while others are not accepted at all on some sites. If you have a planned method of bankrolling your Japanese online casino account, then make sure it will be recognised. When it comes to making a deposit, most venues are happy to take a range of methods, most commonly credit or debit cards, banking transfers, and eWallet providers like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. Credit cards certainly offer the most flexibility and fastest deposits, but by selecting an eWallet, you are only sharing your financial information with that one service, which can be more secure. People who tend to splash out a little too much from time to time might be able to manage their outlay more effectively with a debit card, as you cannot withdraw any cash that you do not have.

If you plan to pay using one method and then withdraw cash using another, you should confirm that the house will be willing to do that. Most will have a policy of paying out an account holder’s winnings using the method they used to make a deposit, but some have less strict rules.

Pending times can also make a huge difference to your relationship with the house, as do withdrawal time frames. Once you have requested a withdrawal, it will usually be dealt with quite quickly, but it can take up to 48-hours in some cases. Some venues advise their players that the funds could take a further 3-4 days to reach their personal account, so check that to avoid disappointment later on.

In short, the ideal banking methods will be those which are the most convenient for you, but all transactions should be made using a secure connection, and ideally, they will be free from any banking fees.

Managing your budget 

Blowing your entire budget in a single blackjack game is not a great idea, so consider setting a few bankroll rules. Allocate yourself a budget per session and stop once you’ve worked through that amount. You’ll be grateful you did next time you log in because there will still be some cash left to play with. Whether you can afford to blow thousands, or your budget is more modest, the same principle applies. Be careful with your money and relish the highs, but be ready to accept the lows with equal grace.

Ensuring a website is secure

To establish whether or not a gambling website is secure, you should read any reviews and find out what other people have to say about the service. You can also look on the site to check whether they have the required gambling license and find out which regulations they are obliged to follow.

You are entitled to know that your data and deposit will both be managed carefully, so check for any signs of repeated complaints or even blacklisting. If there is no wider issue, then confirm your transactions will be carried out using secure SSL encryption and take all the necessary precautions yourself. When using an app on your mobile avoid entering any personal information if you are not on a secure connection, to ensure the details cannot be stolen.

Where do you go for help?

The level of customer care that is provided can tell you a lot about the way a house treats its clients and whether they genuinely want to provide a helpful service. Unfortunately, problems can pop up even on the best sites and most of us expect help to get matters resolved quickly. You are likely to get a swift response when customer support is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week and through a range of channels.

You’ll find that only a small proportion of sites provide a freephone number for their clients, as most tend to rely on a live chat feature for queries that need an instant response. Many also provide an email address or a form which you fill in with details of your question and someone from the team will reply within 24-hours. If you can accept email or live chat messaging, then they are perfectly workable methods of support, but it’s worth looking for phone-based assistance if you prefer speaking with a person. That option is available on some sites.

To test the response, you could click the Contact Us button at a site you are considering and try to get in touch. Whether it’s a call, a live chat or an email, send them a test query before you part with any cash to ensure that the site provides an adequate response. Making sure that members of staff are available to help clients demonstrates that the site is serious about customer care and is ready and willing to help.

Enjoy it!

For most bettors, the main reason for playing baccarat online, or visiting a roulette casino is to have fun and be entertained. Winning money is a great feeling as well, but it’s just part of the experience. If you’re just beginning to explore this industry, try out as many games as possible, see what appeals to you and then concentrate on becoming a skilled player. It can be a competitive atmosphere but keep a level-headed attitude, just like you would in any other area of life. Staying focused and relaxed however your luck goes, is the best way to prosper in the long run.

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Online gambling for newcomers: making a smooth start

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