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Playing triple card poker online

Playing triple card poker online

Playing triple card poker online

Mon Dec 07 2020 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Playing poker has been a popular pastime ever since the card game was invented, supposedly early in the 19th century in the United States. Some commentators have pointed out that poker is very similar to other card games that were prevalent at or before that time in Persia (As-Nas) and in European countries including Ireland (poca) and France (poque).

It’s difficult to establish the accuracy of these claims without undertaking an extensive investigation into each possible lead – a process that could take a great deal of time and effort.

Whatever the true origins, poker is firmly established as a favourite among card players and a staple of every casino’s offering, both the traditional brick and mortar ones and the online versions. Not only has poker vastly extended its reach, it has also inspired a huge number of variations in the game over the years.

Texas Hold ‘em is perhaps the most recognisable game these days. However, there are also countless variations on both stud and draw poker games to keep even the most ardent fan happy. Certain versions involve playing with a number of decks of cards or restricting playable cards to a portion of those you would normally find in a single, 52-card deck. Other variables include the variety of jokers (wild cards) that are permitted and the introduction of specific rules to govern betting and playing techniques.

Televised poker tournaments continue to put a spotlight on the game and undoubtedly draw in millions of new enthusiasts on a regular basis. The experts make it look so easy, it’s very tempting to decide to step up to the table to make your mark. Well, there’s essentially no harm in that as long as you’ve undertaken some preparation beforehand. Check out the suggestions below for what to be aware of and how to take a common sense approach to playing triple card poker online.

The basics

Triple card poker is fast becoming the top favourite casino game among online poker players. Also known as Tri Poker, 3 Card Poker or Casino Brag, you play with only three cards against the house dealer, rather than against other players. In a way, this makes it easier to get ahead because you can win to an extent whether or not the dealer can play. Be aware that you have some choices to make before play begins. They include choosing your chip value (in most online games) and assigning your bets to up to three positions on the board. Your options include:

  • Ante - a mandatory deposit before the start of the game.
  • Pair Plus - this results in a win should your hand contain any pair, regardless of the dealer’s hand. The better your hand then the higher the payout.
  • Play - this results in a win should you beat the dealer’s hand. You can place a further bet equal to your Ante, or if you are not confident about the outcome opt for Fold as long as you are happy to forfeit the Ante in order to not lose any more money.

Usually maximum bet amounts per hand are clearly listed so making decisions about your level of betting is not too difficult. When happy with the choices you have made, the cards are then dealt: three each to you and to the dealer.

The dealer turns over the cards and you compare them.

Bear in mind that the dealer must have a high card to play in the first place – Queen or better. If the dealer is able to play and your hand is better, your Ante and Play bets pay double. If the dealer does not play, you automatically win double for your Ante, however your bet on Play is returned to you without winnings.

Tips to play

Strategists point out that triple card poker is actually two gambling games in one, and that generally you are permitted to play one or both games at the same time. The games are Ante/Play, where you play against the dealer, and Pair/Plus, which has different bonus payouts for hands containing one pair or better. When both games are played together, players can stake different amounts on each game, so it makes sense to tailor your bets according to your knowledge of recent wins and losses.

About online casinos

These days, online casinos are well stocked with lots of options when it comes to choosing your games. As the market is very competitive, in order to attract your business they will offer a range of special features, rewards and bonuses. Besides slots, online roulette and blackjack, poker remains at the top of the gambling games loved by casino customers, many of whom play in live dealer games.

There’s a certain mystique surrounding gambling, as seen in the movies, that adds a touch of glamour, James-Bond-style.

Some people are concerned about exactly how online casinos operate, but as it turns out, they are just as secure, if not more so in many respects, than actual buildings.

They don’t have to physically secure safes housing thousands, if not millions, in hard currency and they don’t need security personnel to keep your funds safe. Sophisticated encryptions keep the online data in safe hands and deter any kind of hacking attempts. Additionally, you can use cryptocurrencies to safeguard your funds.

Supporting your play

In case you are worried about safety and security when playing triple poker online, it’s worth noting that many players are now using cryptocurrencies rather than credit cards to support their gambling activities. That is because electronic forms of cash, such as bitcoin for example, are known to be particularly secure when it comes to protecting your personal data.

In fact, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work in just the same way as any other currency. You’ll find that casinos around the world – including in Japan, the UK and the USA – use substitutes such as bitcoin to speed up and to protect their transactions when making deposits or withdrawals. Unlike major credit cards, no additional processing fee is charged other than the standard fees payable to casinos for holding an account.

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Playing triple card poker online

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