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Japanese Roulette: Get the Ball Rolling

Japanese Roulette: Get the Ball Rolling

Japanese Roulette: Get the Ball Rolling

There are a few varieties of games that you can try your hands on from different casinos around the world. One of these games is Roulette which offers different variations like Japanese Roulette. Experience Japanese gaming culture with a round or two of Japanese Roulette.

The objective in roulette is to predict the number that the ball will land on. The wheel contains the numbers 1 to 36 that are alternately coloured black and red along with a green 0. You will be given a certain amount of time to place your bets before the dealer begins spinning the wheel. 

Japanese Roulette is a live game provided by Evolution Gaming and has the same rules as European Roulette. The only difference is that the dealers speak Japanese when interacting with the players making communication easier for Japanese players. Also, playing Japanese Roulette can be the perfect escape from your everyday hectic schedules. 

The extremely contrasting parts of their culture, where office workers dedicate every last Friday of the month to getting loose, provides room for Japanese office workers to unwind, have fun and get away from their day-to-day life. This can be spent with a round of Roulette because of the simplicity of the game’s nature. 

Keep to the Basics of Roulette

Roulette features a wheel containing the number 1 to 36 that are in colours red and black, and 1 or 2 green zeroes depending on what kinds of roulette game you’re playing. The roulette table has numbers and several supplementary sectors where you can place your bets. Playing roulette is all about correctly guessing which number the ball will land on in each spin of the wheel. 

You will be given a certain amount of time to place your bets among other players. The dealer will call the end of the betting phase once the minute is up and put the wheel in motion as they throw in a ball. Winners are paid once the ball stops on a number and another round begins with the same objective after all winnings are distributed.

The rules of roulette are simple, easy to follow, and all boils down to the type of bet you will place. Being strategic about placing a wager will let you enjoy the game more efficiently. There is a limit to the total amount that you can play with depending on the table you play in. 

There are 2 kinds of bets that you can make. Knowing these will help you strategically place your wager and minimize your losses.

Place your bets and get the ‘ball rolling’

There are two types of bets that you can place when you play roulette—inside and outside bets. Inside Bets are wagers you place on the numbers that are available on the wheel. This pertains to the numbers 0 through 36 enclosed inside a grid. You can make these 5 kinds of inside bets: 

  • Straight Up — Bets placed directly on any number from 1 through 36 including 0.
  • Split — Bets placed on the line between 2 numbers.
  • Street — Bets placed at the end of any rows of numbers.
  • Corner — Bets placed on the corner where 4 numbers meet.
  • Line — Bets placed on the line on the end of the intersection between 2 rows.

Outside Bets pertain to the numbers found outside the grid of numbers on the wheel. These are the bets you make when you try to predict if the ball will land on the following categories: red/black, odd/even, 1-18/19-36, columns or dozens.  

The best betting strategy you can utilize is placing a Straight Up bet because it can give you the highest payouts when you win. Correctly predicting the number where the ball can land will give you 35:1 payouts. You can also play it safe by placing a wager on an outside bet that presents 2:1 or 1:1 payouts, therefore providing you with an out from losing your money.

The dealer will then put the wheel into motion and throw the ball to start the round. Once the wheel stops turning and the balls land, all rewards are paid before the new round begins.

How You can fully enjoy a game of Roulette

There are some unofficial rules that govern the game of Roulette so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Observing social courtesy is a fundamental part of roulette etiquette if you’re playing either a physical or online game. Adhering to basic playing etiquette will make every participant’s playing experience more enjoyable. Following these simple rules will help you avoid any negative experiences. Here are some tips that you can abide by in order to have a great time: 

#1. Know and Keep to the Rules

The aspects that make up this rule includes respecting the game, the dealers and your fellow players. Respecting the game includes knowing the rules because the dealers don’t have time to explain the various rules. They are also time-bound and have to strictly adhere to their schedules. 

#2. Respect the People involved in the game

This involves the dealer and the players that you’re up against. You are given one minute to place your chips on the roulette table. Once the dealer says, ‘No more bets’, you should keep your hands off the chips and wait for the next round to bet. You don’t have to curse at the dealer and the other participants because you were not able to participate in the game.

#3. Don’t make things personal

When you play on an online casino, you are provided with a live chatroom where you can communicate with the dealer and your fellow players. This can make you feel like you are actually playing inside a land-based casino. However, this does not mean that you can spill things about yourself, grudges included. This will keep the game lighthearted and fun.

Try your hand on a round of roulette and have fun playing with other players as you share each other’s cultures. There are also other Roulette games that you can participate in if you want to explore. Give these multiple variations a try and see which one you like best!

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