What is Crypto?

Bitcoin benefits

Bitcoin-specific features

  • Open and permissionless:
    Due to the open network, Bitcoin is available to everyone without requiring any type of authorisation. As well as using it for trading, buying and selling, you can participate in validating and mining transactions.
  • Immune to seizure:
    Bitcoin can only be seized by someone who obtains the private key to the bitcoin wallet in which it is stored.
  • Censorship resistant:
    No nation-state, corporation, or third party has the power to control who can transact or store their wealth on the network.
    Furthermore, no single entity can reverse a Bitcoin transaction, or blacklist a wallet or an address.
    As there are no limits to broadcasting or mining transactions, it is virtually impossible to censor a Bitcoin transaction.
  • Decentralised:
    There is no central authority that controls the Bitcoin network. The network is distributed globally among many thousands of nodes (computers) and millions of users.
  • Anonymous:
    When you use Bitcoin for peer-to-peer transactions, you do not need to provide your email, name, social security number, or any other identifying information.
  • Transparent:
    All information regarding the Bitcoin money supply is available for anyone to view on the blockchain. Every transaction made with Bitcoin is available for anyone to see too. Although personal information is hidden.

Some benefits of using Bitcoin

  • It works 24/7:
    The Bitcoin network never sleeps. Unlike regular money transfers, Bitcoin transactions do not take hours or days to be completed, no matter how large the sum is, or where the user is located.
  • Be your own bank:
    With Bitcoin, you have full control of your money - whenever and wherever you want!
  • Decentralised Payment System:
    Bitcoin eliminates the need for intermediaries (i.e. fee-charging mega-monster banks).
  • Secured by cryptography:
    Bitcoin uses vault tight security protocols that cannot be tampered with.
  • Open and permissionless:
    Nobody owns the BTC network, everybody can use it.
  • Best-performing asset of past decade:
    Over the past 10 years, Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed all other asset classes by a factor of at least 10 (1,000%).

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