Loyalty Club information and Terms & Conditions

Loyalty Club

Loyalty Club information and Terms & Conditions

  1. Loyalty Club levels at Livecasino.io are as follows:
    - Beginner (Level 1) - 0 points (or more)
    - Fan (Level 2) – 5 points
    - Expert (Level 3) – 3,750 points
    - Master (Level 4) – 30,000 points
    - Guru (Level 5) – 250,000 points
    - Legend (Level 6) – 750,000 points
    - Hero (Level 7) – 3,750,000 points
  2. You will be gaining Level Points with every bet.
    - If you bet 1 EUR, you will get 5 level points for the bet value.
    - If you bet 0.1 EUR, you will get 0.5 points for the bet value.
  3. Only gameplay for real money generates Loyalty Points. Gameplay in poker or virtual sports does not contribute to the loyalty club.
  4. Loyalty points are the same for all currencies, and all the gameplay contributes towards the Loyalty Club level.
  5. The user can see their loyalty level progress, available rakeback amount and reward points on the Loyalty Club tab in the Account profile.
  6. As the user progresses through the Levels, they will start gaining more Level Points. Here is the multiplier table of level points:
    Level Name Multiplier
    Level 1 Beginner 1x
    Level 2 Fan 1x
    Level 3 Expert 1x
    Level 4 Master 1.25x
    Level 5 Guru 1.5x
    Level 6 Legend 2x
    Level 7 Hero 3x
  7. Rakeback is calculated based on your rakeback %, RTP of the game played and your bet amount for the round.
  8. Rakeback is generated by the currency you play for the round. Example: ETH gameplay contributes only to ETH rakeback wallet. You can receive rakeback rewards in all the currencies you play with.
  9. Rakeback rewards will show up when you have earned the minimum amount needed for each currency to reflect in your account. Example: 0.0001 mBTC or 0.01 ETH.
  10. The following games are excluded from the Loyalty Club due to in-game features which are not compatible or do not suit the overall entertainment purpose of the Loyalty Club:
    Provider Games
    SpadegamingFishing God, Fishing War, Alien Hunter, Zombie Party
    TurbogamesBall & Ball, Bayraktar, Crash, Crash X Football Edition, Dice, Fury Stairs, Hamsta, JavelinX, Limbo Rider, Mines, Neko, Save the Princess, Towers, Turbo Mines, Turbo Plinko
    Spribe Aviator
    OnlyPlay F777 Fighter, Limbo Cat 2
    Evoplay ent Goblin Run, Save the Hamster
    Fugaso Magnify Man
    Bgaming Space XY, Plinko, Plinko XY
    Pragmatic Spaceman
    Spribe Plinko
    Smartsoft PlinkoX, Balloon, Cappadocia, CricketX, JetX, JetX3, PlinkoX, SpinX
    eBetAll games
    7MojosAll games
    Asia GamingAll games
    BetGames.TVAll games
  11. At the start of every month your level (loyalty) points will reset BUT you will maintain your current level. For example, if you had reached Master level in June, your level (loyalty) points will reset to 0 but you will maintain the benefits of the Master level for the duration of July (points multiplier, rakeback %).
  12. To keep your loyalty level you need to collect the points needed for your current level each month. If during the active month you do not collect the points needed to retain your loyalty level from the previous month, you will drop 1 level next month. For example: If you managed to reach the Master level in June, then after your level (loyalty) points have reset at the start of July you need to collect at least the required amount of points for Master during July to keep the Master level for August. Should you not achieve that you will drop one level at the start of August as the level (loyalty) points reset - you will then be on Expert level.
  13. Your rakeback amount will not reset at the start of each month meaning that you can still claim it if the rakeback was accumulated in the previous months.
  14. Livecasino.io reserves the right to remove all unclaimed rakeback amounts from previous months, if the loyalty program has changes. Notice will be given to players to claim their rakeback rewards prior to it.
  15. Using methods, techniques or software which allow a player to gain an edge over other players and/or the reward system are prohibited and considered abuse. All bonuses are meant for non-professional and entertainment purposes only.
  16. Livecasino.io may change or cancel any rakeback rewards or any other associated aspects of the Loyalty Club, at its sole discretion at any given time.
  17. By registering with Livecasino.io and participating in real money gameplay you hereby accept these terms and conditions.
  18.  All other Livecasino.io terms and conditions apply.

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Loyalty Club information and Terms & Conditions