Payment Options



  1. In the top right of the page, click Deposit.
  2. Scroll down to find “Connect Wallet” and select “Metamask”.
  3. Select the wallet you want to connect to your account. Click “Next”, then “Connect”, and your wallet is connected.
  4. Under “Funds”, click Deposit for ETH or USDT. Choose Metamask and enter the amount.
  5. Confirm your transfer on the extension. Done! You will see it in your balance shortly.


  1. Click your balance or the deposit button to go to the cashier.
  2. Click “Withdraw” for ETH or USDT.
  3. Your Metamask wallet address will be pre-filled with your connected Metamask wallet.
  4. Enter the amount and confirm the withdrawal request.

Are there any fees? doesn’t take any fees from your deposits or withdrawals.

A gas fee is paid for each transaction as usual ETH transfers.

Metamask takes a service fee of 0.875% for each transaction.

Which currencies can I deposit with?

  • Ethereum
  • USDT

Can I buy cryptocurrencies via Metamask?

Yes, you can buy Ethereum directly in Metamask through their service providers. You may see this help page by Metamask:

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