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Weekly Rebate

REBATE BONUSES for active players – every week!

Three REBATE BONUSES are available EVERY WEEK for all players who are placing wagers on Livecasino games in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. And yes, you can collect ALL THREE!


Tier 1 – PRO

1 mBTC

0.03 ETH

Tier 1 – Pro Weekly Rebate Bonus

Wager at least 200 mBTC or 6 ETH on any of the live games during a promotion week and receive 1 mBTC or 0.03 ETH in REBATE BONUS on your account.

Tier 2 – EXPERT

3 mBTC

0.09 ETH

Tier 2 – Master Weekly Bonus

Wager at least 500 mBTC or 15 ETH on any of the live games during a promotion week and receive 3 mBTC or 0.09 ETH in CASH BONUS on your account.

Tier 3 – MASTER

8 mBTC

0.25 ETH

Tier 3 – VIP Weekly Bonus

Wager at least 1 BTC or 30 ETH on any of the live games during a promotion week and receive 8 mBTC or 0.25 ETH in CASH BONUS on your account.

What to do

  • Enable it on the 'My Bonuses' page of your account
  • Wager on Livecasino live games

How it works

  • WEEKLY REBATE BONUSES are available on the 'My Bonuses' page of your account and can be claimed once every seven days.
  • Once you enable a Rebate Bonus, your wagers start counting towards the wagering requirements. When you accumulate the required total bet amount, you receive the Bonus on your account.
  • After you receive the Bonus, you can enable another one, in any order you prefer. All in all, you can collect a total of 12 mBTC or 0.37 ETH in Rebate Bonuses EVERY WEEK!
  • All WEEKLY REBATE BONUSES are real money with no strings attached!
  • Every time you claim one of our rebate bonuses, you can claim it again seven weekdays later.

    Terms and Conditions:

  1. Weekly Rebate Bonuses run in seven-day cycles, meaning that whenever one is claimed, it cannot be claimed again until exactly seven days after.
  2. Weekly Rebate Bonuses are available only to players wagering with Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits. The currency of the bonuses is tied to the currency selected on the 'Deposit' page of your account.
  3. What To Do:

  4. Go to ‘My bonuses’ page and enable your current Weekly Rebate Bonus before you start playing.
  5. Wager the amount required for your selected Bonus.
  6. What You Get:

  7. Receive your selected Bonus once you complete the wagering requirements. Weekly Rebate Bonus has no wagering requirements and counts as real money balance.
  8. Bonus currency awarded will be the same as the currency used for meeting the wagering requirements.
  9. Bonus Conditions:

  10. You must enable a new Bonus every seven days.
  11. You are eligible to collect all three Bonuses per currency once every week.
  12. Every bet placed on any live games contributes 100% to the bonus wagering requirements.
  13. Only real money wagers qualify. Wagers made with bonus money balance are excluded.
  14. If you do not wager the amount required for your selected Bonus before a promotion week is over, the Bonus will expire and cannot be redeemed.
  15. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.
  16. Should detect fraud, foul play, any manipulation of the promotion rules or abuse of the promotion, the relevant player and their related accounts will be suspended from the current and any future promotions.
  17. Liveс reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time.
  18. All promotions are subject to the General terms of use of the Terms and Conditions.
  19. Rewards are limited to one instance per user, IP address, electronic device, household, residential address, telephone number, payment method, email address and any public environments where computers and IP addresses are shared such as, but not limited to: universities, schools, libraries and workplaces.