Enter the 1500 USDT Crypto Crunch Tournament

    Enter the 1500 USDT Crypto Crunch Tournament

    Snap Crackle and Crunch! As a new and exciting addition to the Livecasino event roster, we’ve got a massive 1500 USDT tournament headed your way with 20 prizes up for grabs. The best part? All rewards are paid out in cash!

    The 1500 USDT Crypto Crunch Tournament will run every week. Enter today, beat the board and claim your share of top crypto-cash prizes, including a massive 500 USDT first-place finish.

    How does it work?

    1. Opt in to the Crypto Crunch Tournament on the tournament page.
    2. Get 1 point for every 1 USDT you wager on slot games .
    3. Beat the board for a 500 USDT first-place finish.

    Prize structure:

    Position Prize
    1st place 500 USDT
    2nd place 250 USDT
    3rd place 125 USDT
    4th to 5th place 75 USDT
    6th to 10th place 50 USDT
    11th to 15th place 25 USDT
    16st to 20th place 20 USDT

    Tournament Rules

    • Official tournament type: Highest Bet Sum.
    • Player positions will be tracked in real-time on the tournament live leaderboard as well as winners will be announced immediately there when the tournament is completed.
    • In order to receive cash rewards, winners have to click “Claim prize” button on the tournament page once tournament has finished.
    • There is no minimum bet requirement for this tournament.
    • Players must earn at least 1 point to be eligible for a tournament prize.
    • There is no limit to how much you can wager during the promotion period.
    • The reward amount will be automatically converted to your selected currency at the time of opt in to the tournament.

    How are points calculated?

    • For every 1 USDT wagered on any slot game, a player will receive 1 point.

    General Terms and Conditions

    • Tournament points are calculated and rewarded according to a player's total bet amount.
    • If a user is involved in any suspicious and/or fraudulent activity, Livecasino.io reserves the right to undertake a KYC process, cancel the user’s bets, remove the user from the current promotion, exclude them from all future promotions and not credit any winnings.
    • Should Livecasino.io detect fraud, foul play, any manipulation of the promotion rules or abuse of the promotion, the relevant player and their related accounts will be suspended from the current and any future promotions.
    • Livecasino.io reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time. These terms and conditions are in addition to Livecasino.io General Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms and Conditions.
    • These Terms and Conditions may be published in several languages for informational purposes and ease of access by players. The English version is the only legal basis of the relationship between you and us and in the case of any discrepancy with respect to a translation of any kind, the English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.


    Enter the 1500 USDT Crypto Crunch Tournament